Monday, December 13, 2010

No trade today, Watching Long Term Call options S and CSCO - as my a/c balance drifts upwards - Going shopping today

Early Calendar scheduling:
(interspersed with "Back into Snowshoeing - and moving my lazy ass)
Wednesday - REI school - Back Country and Avalanche Awareness
Friday - BAS Christmas party
Thursday (the following) Flying M BAS
Friday (the following) xmas eve - Boise Botanical Gardens - Xmas Party BTH
XMAS - weekend - 25 hours of Documentary Videos - Wine, Pizza, Salmon, etc.
Sunday 4pm - The Flicks
Xmas - New Years - finish 25 hrs of Documentary Videos - wine, pizza, Salmon, etc
2011 - 2nd Saturday - Mystique Dinner Theater
Sunday 4pm - The Flicks
2nd Wednesday REI School - Winter camping
3rd Saturday Sleigh Ride/dinner, cabin
Sunday 4pm - The Flicks
2011 Feb. Beginning Kayak Roll clinics YMCA

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