Thursday, January 14, 2010

This Morning's Breakfast

1 Slice of very heavy grainy, nutty, seedy dark bread - lightly toasted
2 Table Spoons of Hummus
2 Eggs fried over more than easy and black peppered
1 Salmon Burger - grilled (packaged from freezer at Costco)
N/B - don't salt anything

place Hummus on Bread
place fried eggs on that
place Salmon Burger on Egg

eat w/ black coffee (my current favorite Pikes Place - Starbucks)

500 Calories, full day's protein, enormous satisfaction - holds til late lunch - suggested snack before or after a romantic dalliance - just an after thought. (you can cut your calories by 20, by ordering an egg mcmuffin with saussage - which also cuts the volume -number of grams (of pleasure) by 1/2)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

One or the Other

The Markets are so exciting today - I wet my pants...or is incontinence? Long INTC, S, CLWR, - long term calls.  Stock long - SRS which is really a double inverse "short" of Real Estate......

The New Year has started off very well the Sun is and has been shining and the weather is 70 degrees with no change in sight!!!!!

Monday, January 4, 2010

My Two little girls at Dandelion Wine, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY 2009 Holiday Season
Lily Echo "The Fig"  Peachin, proprietor, Dandelion Wine, Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY. La Nina Bonita mascot