Friday, October 26, 2012

$125 million Picasso - Owner backed up and stabbed a pencil through it!

Nora Ephron wrote about it. She was touring Steve Wynn’s art collection in Las Vegas. Wynn is notorious for not only being perhaps the best art collector in the world, but blind. Or on the verge of going blind.

 He shows the group a painting that he was going to sell to hedge fund art collector Steve Cohen for $125 million. Perhaps it’s his blindness, perhaps clumsiness, perhaps it’s a secret desire to sabotage himself, perhaps he’s just wondering where his wife is – he backs up and sticks a pencil through the painting, creating a $125 million hole in the middle of one of Picasso’s masterpieces. - It Killed the deal!

Wynn, had it impeccably repaired - down to weaving in the canvas, everything... no one could tell the damage had ever been done... but it had -  and it was known... Wynn got $30 million from the insurance company - and he has the impeccable work of art on his wall... and a story to tell.... and $30 Million..
- James Altucher Confidential

jasper Johns - "Flag"

Michael Bloomberg - Above the Fray

10 Questions for Michael Bloomberg
This is not a "photo Op" this man is a "Doer!"

Michael Bloomberg - "The Brand"
#10 Forbes 400, #20 Billionaires, #17 Powerful People, 108th Mayor of NYC.2001 - Present. - Born in Boston, Massachusetts - 70 years old, Jewish Heritage - Once was a Republican - now independent (for obvious reasons.)- Rides the Subway in NYC, frequently, from his home on 78th st to City Hall, downtown. Certainly my choice for Man of the Year. He would rather be the Mayor of New York, than the President of The United States. New York's population main complaint "He is too tough on NYC, Law Enforcement, doing business, etc" Of course, that is why NYC remains the "Premiere City in the World"  Bloomberg through his Bloomberg Philanthropies Foundation, donated and/or pledged $240 million in 2005, $60 million in 2006, $47 million in 2007, $150 million in 2009, $332 million in 2010 and $311 million in 2011. 2011 recipients include the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids; Centers for Disease Control and PreventionJohns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public HealthWorld Lung Foundation and the World Health Organization. In 2008, Bloomberg's website announced a combined donation of $500 million with Bill Gates to help governments in developing countries with tobacco control.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Pain...Suffering optional...from TAD

 Pain happens to all of us, but suffering is what happens when you take that pain and build a story around it. This is in no way denying that traumatic events occur. But when you take the pain and trauma and use it to form an identity, you create suffering for yourself. Pain can be physical or psychological. You may have sustained an injury, or had a crime perpetrated against you. You may have experienced the death of a loved one, or a broken relationship. You may have been treated unfairly at work, or by friends/society. Illness, loss, accidents, crime, death - with any of these events, you experience pain. Accept what happens because you cannot change it after it occurs; you experience the pain, and you take any constructive actions you can to address the situation. You learn, you grieve, and you heal. But whether you suffer or not is your choice. Suffering is often easier to see in other people. We all know someone who clings to something that happened in the past and makes it "who they are." They take the pain of an event and turn it into an identity, and this "mind-made suffering" can last weeks, months, years...even a lifetime. It is harder to see in ourselves, but we can do so with mindful investigation. The more you become aware of these habits of the mind, the more you realize that even though pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Current Position Update

Intel Calls (2x) hedge against uncertain earnings

Intel Puts (2x) Hedge against uncertain earnings

RIO (3/4 Position) - Largest Producer of certain Commodities in World - Australian 3+% Dividends

BHP (Full position) Largest Producer of certain Commodities in World - Australian 3+% dividends

AAPL (full position) - Going into Earnings with Smaller Pad announcement - could make an additional announcement with too many $Billions of Cash
FFGCX (full position +) - Fidelity global Commodity Stock Fund (largest holdings RIO and BHP)

FCNTX (moving into Full Position if AAPL closes down)  - Fidelity Contra Fund - 4 Largest Holdings Apple, Google, Berkshire Hathaway, coca-cola

To say I am diversified (?), is beyond "Over the top" -

Jimmy Dean Sausage Complaint call

I have always been jealous of Texans - they seem to be able to make something out of what others consider nothing. Obviously, being Texan is special!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Let's discount the people who think their vote doesn't count 20%. Let's discount the people who vote one way no matter what 40% OK, that leaves us with about 40% of the voting population will decide a left turn or a right turn.  Does it matter? - NO! It's about Evolution! The future is about the changes that are made today. This road... or... that road.  Lots of  legislation will hold the brakes as much as they can... that just slows down Evolution.  There are no course corrections in Evolution.  Those who adapt go forward.  Those who do not adapt - fall by the wayside. What is God's will. He told me He'll go whichever way the wind blows.

10% Unemployment is a fall by the wayside concept. Workers, who thought their jobs were safe. Workers who felt they had enduring skills. Those who did not contemplate, introspectively  their specific road ahead!

Public Programs - Social Security, Medicare, Food Stamps, extended Unemployment (which was never paid for) Medicaid - that never had the funding that was required to satiate the appetites of the participants.

Pastimes, taking up more and more time, Television, Computer Screens, observing Sporting Events (more TV) Shopping - using more credit that ability to repay.  Wanting "Now Things" like they were deserved - Magazine pictured Homes, Automobiles, exorbitant Vacations... Must haves out of "wants" rather than "needs" - Cigarettes, fats, sweets, drugs, "Altered States" - you name it.... Denial!

Add all this up..... Evolution (required change and adaptation to survival and reality!)

The Beneficiaries to Evolution are those who can adapt to Change.  

Over 4.5 Billion years, Evolution (maybe 1/2 million changes) that were decided by "chance" (not right or wrong) caused where we are today.  

Coming up, the next change............are you ready and flexible?

A few comments:

"The Art League had a competition for artists to depict the future.  By accident Bogdan included a blank canvas among his submissions - it won." - Art alone endures - William J. Brazill

"The terminal is unkind.  You watch me go through security. In six months, you'll say, "Tell me about the nightmare," and I promise I will." - Departure - Donora Billard

"Broke and desperate, I kidnapped myself... Ransom notes were sent to interested parties... later I sent hair and fingernails too.... They insisted on an ear" - Ransom - Stuart Dybec

"You dumb fuck. You pathetic dumb fuck" - Midnight In the Everglades - Stephen Dunn

RETAIL. "Thirty-nine hours a week for eighteen years, she says proud. Like she's a survivor of rape and she knows it." Free Enterprise - Kelly Spitzer

"Adversity is the seed of Opportunity" 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Shakespeare - All the world's a stage

Lily Echo, owner of Dandelion Wine, Greenpoint, Brooklyn - The Wine store was picked as one of the new top 6 Wine Boutiques in the country - no other in NYC.... why ask, among others, Eric Asimov, Wine Critic at the NY Times.  He wasn't the award presenter, but he knows why Dandelion Wine was a "Choice Pick" Free Wine Tasting - Thursdays 5pm + they may open other wines at the tasting if there is an interest... 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

a few old men...Leon Russell's great love song, Willie Nelson's 70th Birthday and Ray Charles last performance! - 2003

My Life and my words are colorful

“I don’t like ass kissers, flag wavers or team players. I like people who buck the system. Individualists. I often warn people: ‘Somewhere along the way, someone is going to tell you, ‘There is no ‘I’ in team.’ What you should tell them is, ‘Maybe not. But there is an ‘I’ in independence, individuality and integrity. Avoid teams at all cost. Keep your circle small. Never join a group that has a name. If they say, ‘We’re the So-and-Sos,’ take a walk.  And if, somehow, you must join, if it’s unavoidable, such as a union or a trade association, go ahead and join. But don’t participate; it will be your death.  And if they tell you you’re not a team player, congratulate them on being observant.” ~ George Carlin - his words, my lifetime feelings....paul
I Voted Today   -   Vote your way!......
Don't be fooled... there are two views about "The Truth" 1. The Truth is the Truth. 2. The Truth is whatever works.  

Australian Dollar Powering up

Adelsheim Pinot Noir

Current Positions at beginning of Earnings Season

Intel (x) Uncertain earnings Tomorrow (currently yielding 4+% dividend) (Technicals: Upward resistance 23, 25, 26, 28 downward support 21, 20 - (at $21.73 10/15/2010)
(N/B INTC is low cost optioned near the price - and these resistance and support prices relate - INTC is a slow mover in either direction)
Intel Calls (2x) hedge against uncertain earnings

Intel Puts (2x) Hedge against uncertain earnings

RIO (Full Position) - Largest Producer of certain Commodities in World - Australian 3+% Dividends

BHP (Full position) Largest Producer of certain Commodities in World - Australian 3+% dividends

AAPL (1/5th position) - Going into Earnings with Smaller Pad announcement - could make an additional announcement with too many $Billions of Cash , UPDATE - 6PM (Mtn Time) rumors flying... apple may release 2 additional product updates in addition to the smaller Tablet  on October 23'd 2 days prior to earnings. I increased my position from 1/5th to 1/2...10min before the aftermarket closed. UPDATE - 6PM (Mtn Time) rumors flying... apple may release 2 additional product updates in addition to the smaller Tablet  on October 23'd 2 days prior to earnings. I increased my position from 1/5th to 1/2...10min before the aftermarket closed. the 2 addnl product updates:
iMac 13 inch (laptop) with new "retina display" and other updates - processor, etc as well as the desktop - MacPro w/ " retina display" as well as processor updates. (Technical upward Resistance 1st $666 2nd $687 - $700 - downward support 1st. $610 2nd $575 - (at $635.10/15/2012)

FFGCX (full position) - Fidelity global Commodity Stock Fund (largest holdings RIO and BHP)

FCNTX (1/4 position)  - Fidelity Contra Fund - 4 Largest Holdings Apple, Google, Berkshire Hathaway, coca-cola

After the debate, behind the auditorium: Barack puts a Newport to his lips, Mitt lights it with a burning hundred dollar bill.

Friday, October 12, 2012

From Wall Street

Anyone who wears loafers with no socks to a business meeting is going to steal from you. @reformedbroker


Patience is when the impatient feels time has run out.  Passion has plenty of Patience - there is no time frame - just keep the passion going.... intensifying... "whew!" ...

Ego - is much "more" than "Self Importance" and what it is, "the more," is wrapped in "insecurity"

The ego, or ego process, is responsible for creating and reinforcing division and separation. Traditionally, people think about it in the context of being superior: "I am better than you." "My beliefs are correct. Your beliefs are wrong." "My way is the right way. My opinion is the correct one." Being a victim, however, is another equally powerful tool of the ego process. It creates division and separation just as adequately as being superior: "You did that to me." "I am not as lucky as him/her." "Life has treated me unfairly." "You didn't let me do that. You kept me from succeeding." Be aware of the different entry points of the ego process. It can come in through thoughts of being superior, and it can come in through thoughts of being a victim. Either way, it propagates emotions of judgment, resentment, anger, jealousy, anxiety, etc., and serves to promote a sense of "me against you", "us against them". - from Tad
 So, Let's look at a person with a big Ego (which includes a equal proportion of Insecurity) add to it "Hubris" and "Smugness" add it all up - Ego/Insecurity/Hubris/Smug - not someone you want to be with. Generally, they become "plastic" and need to be around "plastic people," With an equal proportion personal delusion.  

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A chart of one of the world's strongest Currencies The Aussie -Post started August 12, and is updated frequently

                     current - this chart automatically updates daily
10/12/2012 - began swing trading BHP and RIO (in one day and out the other) Started a 20% position in AAPL (Apple) - upped to 50% - after sneak post on what they will offer on 10/23
Earnings are in less than 2 weeks and an introduction of a smaller iPad 2 days before - will increase the position to 100%  
Leading up to earnings (Apple usually falls back on good earnings - and then resumes) I'll sell prior to the release.

N/B There are technical signals throughout the market calling for a pullback... in an ordinary market the market would "adjust" downward.  AAPL can pull up the entire market...
Lots of negative talk on INTC... I'll protect my position by buying puts or selling calls into next Tuesday's earnings. Intel is selling at a price with an equivalent Dividend of 4+%... The markets are holding till the elections - 
10/10/2012 - Additional Securities in the Mix - I have taken a position in FFGCX a Fidelity Fund - Fidelity Global Commodity Stock Fund (BHP and RIO are amond their largest holdings) and Fidelity Contra Fund - FCNTX - one of the larger holdings is Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway "A" Shares. Both holdings together represent about 25% of My trading accounts. I am also at 20% cash up from 0% cash at 10/01/2012.  The above holdings are a slight diversification from my original Australian positions - concentrated. 

Update: October 9 - phasing in RIO and BHP and Adding to INTC
Update: October 4 - out once again, although BHP and RIO are not reacting to the drop in the Australian Dollar or the news that Steel is hitting a bottom $, the future being less than good until maybe 2014 (China economy resumes upward... some say) - I have decided to take a break as my holding the two largest Mining companies in the world - is not reacting to my gut feeling- that these companies should be going downward in prices.

Update: September 27am - re-entered my Australian positions  - at a lower cost basis.. looks to me like a good move - atleast today....

Closed my positions on Sept 18 - re-enter after lower to support and gap closing

Austin, My grandson, and I are fully invested in Australia, for the past few months. We are not diversified, except we both have Intel as our "base" US Stock - Austin also has Amgen for his future. Our holdings in Australia are the two largest mining companies in the world.  Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton - The first economy to move forward will be China - and they hunger for Basic Materials - Iron and Copper their biggest providers - RIO and BHP.  While we are holding we are getting 3% dividends, including Intel's 3% Dividend. If these stocks go up it will be a combination of  Their Growth, The Growth of the Aussie and the Dividend rate. The interim financial statements of these companies are showing, in this slow economy, cash flow and profit in excess of 2X their dividends paid out.  Investing in US Markets is a lost cause - Congress through Lobbying efforts of Big Money will not budge to control Big Money - are we as corrupt as China - of course!

Update September 4

When this post was made (August) the Aussie to the Dollar was 105 it is now in the 102 - 103 range. Although it has adjusted slightly downward to the dollar - they have to stay competitive on the world markets for goods and services. My beliefs are still strong here both in the $Aussie and the two mining companies

Update September 12
The $Aussie has reversed course and is rising again - today in the 104 - 105 range.  The Major players in the world are all working on Qualitative Easing (QE3 in US) which will lower the value of the $US - therefore increasing the value of other currencies not in a QE frame of mind - one of which is Australia.  ergo, $Aussie will rise... Australia does not want their $A to go up much more as it increases the costs of their products in other countries.  It should be noted Australia did not go through a Recession as we, and other countries, did recently. Australia is thinking smart now - untouched by Political bomb shells. 
Australia is now upping their production of LNG - natural gas.  It will have more effect than before, on the economy and will eventually be a prime mover in their economy along with Mining.

 From Dr. Duru (famous T/A writer) - Seeking Alpha on July 20

To the extent the strong Australian dollar is a result of a carry trade, the currency could sink fast at any time. In the meantime, you do benefit because companies like BHP are more valuable with profits in Aussie dollars. But if the RBA (Reserve Bank Of Australia) is correct, this strong currency will soon start hurting Aussie business as their goods get relatively too expensive for struggling economies. The trouble I have with this line is that I don't know where else China would go commodities shopping to replace Aussie supply. 
You were fortunate in parking where you did for the summer! Just make sure you brace yourself soon. If the Fed rolls out QE3, you are golden.

Aunt Lily and Austin, every Tuesday after School

Austin and I went to Red Hook to get some groceries at Fairway so that we could go home and bake...
I tried to get a picture of him and the Statue of Liberty, but he wanted to chase the cameraman instead.  He also pointed out that is was "very foggy and we couldn't see very well".

All that running around and shopping really tired him out... he and Bonita slept the whole way home. 
He didn't mind that I woke him up though, because it was finally time to make banana chocolate nut MUFFINS!!

What are we going to do NEXT week????

Friday, October 5, 2012

So would there be any difference if Obama and Romney Change "hair?"

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No fair, Romney doesn't have good eyebrows like the picture shows

Best tastes, so far for me, Dandelion Wine, Greenpoint

I made this post for my friends at the Boise Underground Wine Group - who are always looking for a way to feel happy in a different way. Personally, I would decant the bottle cold (about 50 - 60 degrees) and let it air for the exact flavor that was intended by the Vintner. The Valpolicella (at the bottom) changed flavor between the mouth and the swallow - the finish... excellent!
These wines were between $20 and $30+ a real experience and worthy!

Foulaquier Petit Duc 08

Welitsch Morillon Vom Opok 750ML 2008  Chardonnay

Lundeen Pinot Noir Reserve 2008

Terres de Velle Bourgogne Rouge
French was a 2010 tasted - no image

2010 was the year tasted

Accordini 2009 Acinatico Ripasso Valpolicella Classico Superiore Veneto

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Internet Rule #1

"On the Internet, the public comes first, people count. Be duplicitous, be less than honest, and your audience will disappear. Look at Netflix… All its reasons for changing fees had to do with the company’s bottom line, it didn’t make sense for the customer, which is why there’s been a backlash that has permanently hobbled the company. Netflix used to be cool, now it’s just another outlet that streams content."* -  Bob Lefsetz "The Pandora letter"

Who leads, who follows and who is a "Was" is coming down the road. No matter how big Apple, Facebook, Google - the public decides who leads and who follows - on the Internet. Mistakes like the Google Map controversy, have yet to yield a "public response" (in voting with their money.) Apple is a powerful market Leader - who is also scared to death of the Google/Samsung consortium and others who are quickly coming down the road with enormous financial support.  The internet is "free" once you bring a product to the belongs to the people... a lesson that might be hard earned by some of these "Biggies." 

Yes, the Internet is "freedom" like no other.