Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Let's discount the people who think their vote doesn't count 20%. Let's discount the people who vote one way no matter what 40% OK, that leaves us with about 40% of the voting population will decide a left turn or a right turn.  Does it matter? - NO! It's about Evolution! The future is about the changes that are made today. This road... or... that road.  Lots of  legislation will hold the brakes as much as they can... that just slows down Evolution.  There are no course corrections in Evolution.  Those who adapt go forward.  Those who do not adapt - fall by the wayside. What is God's will. He told me He'll go whichever way the wind blows.

10% Unemployment is a fall by the wayside concept. Workers, who thought their jobs were safe. Workers who felt they had enduring skills. Those who did not contemplate, introspectively  their specific road ahead!

Public Programs - Social Security, Medicare, Food Stamps, extended Unemployment (which was never paid for) Medicaid - that never had the funding that was required to satiate the appetites of the participants.

Pastimes, taking up more and more time, Television, Computer Screens, observing Sporting Events (more TV) Shopping - using more credit that ability to repay.  Wanting "Now Things" like they were deserved - Magazine pictured Homes, Automobiles, exorbitant Vacations... Must haves out of "wants" rather than "needs" - Cigarettes, fats, sweets, drugs, "Altered States" - you name it.... Denial!

Add all this up..... Evolution (required change and adaptation to survival and reality!)

The Beneficiaries to Evolution are those who can adapt to Change.  

Over 4.5 Billion years, Evolution (maybe 1/2 million changes) that were decided by "chance" (not right or wrong) caused where we are today.  

Coming up, the next change............are you ready and flexible?

A few comments:

"The Art League had a competition for artists to depict the future.  By accident Bogdan included a blank canvas among his submissions - it won." - Art alone endures - William J. Brazill

"The terminal is unkind.  You watch me go through security. In six months, you'll say, "Tell me about the nightmare," and I promise I will." - Departure - Donora Billard

"Broke and desperate, I kidnapped myself... Ransom notes were sent to interested parties... later I sent hair and fingernails too.... They insisted on an ear" - Ransom - Stuart Dybec

"You dumb fuck. You pathetic dumb fuck" - Midnight In the Everglades - Stephen Dunn

RETAIL. "Thirty-nine hours a week for eighteen years, she says proud. Like she's a survivor of rape and she knows it." Free Enterprise - Kelly Spitzer

"Adversity is the seed of Opportunity" 

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