Thursday, January 31, 2013

I plan on returning home before Valentines Day UPDATE below

I plan on returning about a week before Valentines day.  I have no plans - Last year I invited 2 women and 1 man over for a Wine fest - 4 people, 3 bottles of fine wine, great music and tastes... a 5 hour evening that was glorious for all.

One of my favorite Holidays. ..

Update, very hard to repeat a great we made it even greater... wonderful time....  5 people 5 bottles of wine... 6 to midnight....

Friday, January 18, 2013

There is a reason why People, Places and Things are in your past.

Friends, Places you have lived - ways of doing things that did not produce the desired results. Yet we constantly review our past, revisit our past, and go back to ways of doing things - that did not produce desired results.

My current trip was prompted by my method of travel and Vacation that included My Son's wedding.  Which was Knock Out Great!  Seeing my family, my brother and his family and the friends that we have collected who have remained in our lives.

My first destination was Boise to Albuquerque in a method of travel that put me on the road for almost 15 years. I haven't used my "Rig" in two years, yet I upgraded the interior, appliances, etc.

I wasn't on the road, out of Boise, more than an hour, that my diesel engine started to loose energy. It is obvious Fuel was not getting to the engine in proportion to the speed.

I stopped in a small town (Paul, Idaho) and found an excellent mechanic who could not find the problem - I had a redundant Fuel Filter and pump system in addition to the one that was standard eq. on the Truck.  Finally we disconnected the Redundant system, and I was back on the road - full power - ready to spend the evening in Salt Lake City.  My rig was winterized (no water or liquids in the plumbing system) - 6 degrees overnight, fog driving in, driving out, black ice.... Next stop - Las Vegas... 50 degree days and re-upped my liquid systems - not without perceived problems that I worked on until they went away.  Spent a week in LV and moved on to Flagstaff - 7200ft elevation - nice days - 10 degree nights - Winterized once again. Moved on to Albuquerque for a week of very freezing weather... The Wedding was "Oasis Time" my rig was placed on the not so important list and survived (Mostly)..... left a wonderful family time - and I am now in Elephant Butte, NM.  re-upped liquid to my rig and dealt with some minor problems - in Water and waste systems. Here I Am!

My intentions are to go on to Tucson and visit some horse people. I spent 1996 to 2005 winters there and did not see them after that (8 years)  From Tucson, I plan on Going up to Cave Creek, AZ (Northern Scottsdale/Phoenix area.) I spent 2005 to 2009 winters in that area. Friends there too!

The Lesson (to me)  - I have learned Boise is my current life and my Future - along with the friends I have developed. My Family - is ever-present. The "past" (including old out of touch friends)  and my method of traveling - is becoming irrelevant - OK, has become irrelevant!

Interesting - I have reviewed moving forward at a time I am farthest from Boise.
1,100 miles... I will work my way back Tucson - Phoenix - more southwest to California - Las Vegas - and one bad stretch Las Vegas through Salt Lake to Boise. (Or Las Vegas - Winnemucca, NV - Boise) weather choice.

A lesson learned - I'm ready to move forward -
Oh.... Jack is a wonderful traveling companion!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

There is an art to being a Trader

This was posted on one of my trading sites. Hard Tack And Beans. The Revolver? - either for suicide plays or Visual Testosterone...

Currently in Albuquerque - all the Peachin's in my "Parent's Line" my son Isaac's and Michele's wedding, My Brother David and his family @ Los Poblanos - no dogs allowed on the property - don't like "no dog" people.
IMG00010-20100506-1923.jpg by peachin
Jack on the Road

Here until early next week... moving on down I-25 Through Hatch, NM to I-10 through the "Texas Canyon" in Arizona to Tucson - for a few days. Tucson is where I winter camped with my horses, from 1996 thru 2005... great riding, etc. Then On to Cave Creek, AZ   (2005 - 2010) - no addnl plans yet.  Boise is very cold under a storm alert "Gandolf" - no hurry to get into that.