Sunday, March 28, 2010

John Mauldin and Tom Keene

Reading John Mauldin's weekly newsletter and listening to Tom Keene on Bloomberg Radio daily would provide you with an MBA Equivalent - far surpassing any MBA one could receive by any College.

Friday, March 19, 2010

2010 - Travel Plans including side trips to the Midwest and NYC

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This coming Wednesday, March 24, I'll be leaving Cave Creek, AZ Toward Boise, Idaho for spring and early Summer.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

The Markets....The Ides of March is approaching -

All in the same week (of March 14th) Daylight savings time - Monday, New Moon, Wednesday, Saint Patrick's Day, Saturday first day of Spring.
Oh yes, the markets - are stalled for quite awhile - from a trading perspective. Wall Street knows if the markets Fall below 10,000 on their way to 9,500 there will be blood on the streets - yes, Wall Street Blood - and "The People" will begin a revolution and a "Witch Hunt" they'll probably begin by burning homes in Connecticut and Long Island - and bombing Porsches, Ferraris, limos, and Mercedes.  So, what's the take - Wall Street will, at any cost, will keep the markets around 10,000.

I have added to my current holdings of Intel, Sprint, Clearwire - Nvidia and EEM (International ETF - as hedge)

Bob Engelman and Lynn Van Buren's Home, Scottsdale, Arizona 2/26


A few of the guests at a small get-together leading up to our 50th
High School Reunion in the fall - Highland Park High School '60

Saramae, me, howie - back 3 on right.
mini reunion 02262010 005.jpg
Howie, Jon and Bob

mini reunion 02262010 009.jpg
John Loeb, Carol Katzman, Bob, Jon
mini reunion 02262010 013.jpg
Eric Goodman, Lynn Chazin and Howie