Sunday, August 30, 2009

The Fig - summer evening at the farm - end of Summer

The Fig is my daughter Lily
Howie is my Son Isaac
Rioja Man is Lily's Partner Adrian
Austin is my grandson, son of Isaac
Jackpot, Bonita and Chewie
are pets of the families.
"The Farm" - family farm in
Charlotteville, NY
The Mother of our Family
Gail Peachin (nee Platt)
divorced (now friends) 1987)

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Taking time off until after Labor Day -

I believe the markets will be basing until after Labor Day September 7th. The basing either becomes a hard base or a hard resistence in the future. I believe we are in a Bull Market, within a Bear Market. The Bears are licking their wounds...the options markets and short positions on the put side are Dormant and the $VIX is at all time lows (Volitility Index)........I'll be back sometime after Labor day when the $VIX breakes through $30....otherwise scalping looses interest when more $$$ is required to make little gains......Labor Day always represented the (Real) New Year for me - Fall, School Started etc..............>

Friday, August 14, 2009

Hopefully moving to Mormon Bend, Campground

8 Miles North of Stanley, Idaho about 6,400+ feet - located on the Salmon River

My schedule thru Thanksgiving:
Stanley/Sun Valley, ID to Labor Day
Return to Boise - High Valley Campground
Fly to Seattle //September 10 to 14
Fly to New York September 21st to 28
Boise - load up and travel the Northwest
(Oregon, Washington) thru Thanksgiving....
Bonita's Pond at the Farm, Charlotteville, New York

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Ex-Wife, Divorce Lawyer Killed As Model Train Careens Off Tracks

KOFSKY BASEMENT—In an accident that model train conductor Howard Kofsky called "a real goddamn shame," an 8-inch passenger car carrying his ex-wife Jillian Gilpin and her divorce attorney Pete Koechman careened off the tracks Monday after a miniature truss bridge suddenly and mysteriously went missing. "Jillian died on impact," the 44-year-old Kofsky said while standing over the wreckage in his boxer shorts. "That snake lawyer, though, he suffered a broken back, neck, legs, arms, face, fingers, and ribs, and was bleeding internally a lot. Also, he was burned alive after a giant lighter came down from the sky and set him on fire." According to basement sources, this is the eighth time that both Kofsky's ex-wife and her legal prosecutor have perished this month.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Microsoft about to Drive me off of PC's

Windows 7 is about to be released - so they say. You'll be able to upgrade from Vista but not from XP ( unless you obtain a vista program to upgrade twice)to Windows 7

What a perfect time to switch to an Apple Computer

Except and maybe, Windows will start to get feedback of the large numbers of XP people will be joining me. I will however stay with XP until it will not be updated. As for software upgrades supporting XP after 7 is released - well - we'll see.

I have been notified by my best security system - that the next 6 months will be free and then will be is Microsoft's and probably the best web security system (Windows live One Care - allowing full security for up to 3 computers)

Microsoft announced that it will have some transfer programs - not for non-proprietary programs - but will do their files.....all non-Microsoft programs will have to be reloaded - and remember when XP came out how many programs would not transfer and I remember calling each company to get fixes - took 2 weeks +......not again for me.....I'll ride out XP until I can't and then I'll be getting a Mac - what an opportunity for Apple to dry clean the industry....!!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Canadian Oil - Riding on devalued $US and Oil controlled

This market is riding in a groove of high clear water between waves coming from both sides... Technical Analysis works when there is constant put and take of pressure which changes with Volume....this market is not reacting to the geometry of Technical Analysis - it has been a "full speed ahead" market - with early controls promising a change, a trap if you will, and then moves past Resistance like a wind picked up to push it over the line....yes the change in the $ value is part of the cause....the folks who feel that they didn't board the train before it left the station - and the pros who are playing "Bait and wait" for those who always pick the wrong time to get in. Not included in Technical Analysis is a greater influence....The Full Moon Coming which starts its "Draw" about 4 days before it becomes a force to deal with - "Change"

Those of you who missed courses in Economics relating to GNP and what influences GNP - inflation, etc. Government Spending (worldwide) takes a big seat at the table.......