Friday, August 7, 2009

Microsoft about to Drive me off of PC's

Windows 7 is about to be released - so they say. You'll be able to upgrade from Vista but not from XP ( unless you obtain a vista program to upgrade twice)to Windows 7

What a perfect time to switch to an Apple Computer

Except and maybe, Windows will start to get feedback of the large numbers of XP people will be joining me. I will however stay with XP until it will not be updated. As for software upgrades supporting XP after 7 is released - well - we'll see.

I have been notified by my best security system - that the next 6 months will be free and then will be is Microsoft's and probably the best web security system (Windows live One Care - allowing full security for up to 3 computers)

Microsoft announced that it will have some transfer programs - not for non-proprietary programs - but will do their files.....all non-Microsoft programs will have to be reloaded - and remember when XP came out how many programs would not transfer and I remember calling each company to get fixes - took 2 weeks +......not again for me.....I'll ride out XP until I can't and then I'll be getting a Mac - what an opportunity for Apple to dry clean the industry....!!!!

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