Thursday, April 24, 2008

It's Two Weeks Later - and Nothing Has Happened

Finally, Rice the worlds most sought after commodity in basic food is being rationed at $25 per 100 weight (up 80% since Jan 07.) The Stock Markets have regained 10% of the 25% drop in value and has become stagnant at the 12,800 marker. One of the 4 Horsemen of the Markets, Apple, reported blow out earnings and receipts and did not react positively ....So, it appears that this bullish phase of the Bear Market will resume.

I currently Have an options spread on Apple, 165 long/145short and on Amazon 85 long/ 75 short. I am in a no loss /no win position if the price of these securities stay within the spread. If the price moves outside the spread either way, I will make money. These options expire June 21st.

I expect the markets to begin a downward movement to test 12,300, 12,100, 11,900 and finally 11,600 - and finally resume its direction toward 10,800 and 9,600 unless there is positive economic conditions that have not been restructured - We are dealing with information that has been tempered by people who have no problem being dishonest.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

How I live on the Road - Flagstaff, Cave Creek, Tucson, New Mexico, Utah, Montana, California

I've been asked questions about my "VW Camper" type living - the following is a picture of my "unit."

A VW Limo converted to an RV.

Thinking about my next - on the road

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

The One That Got Away - Linda Eller, 100% Texan!

Why does this Blog seem not to be updated? A question from my friend Linda living her dream in South West, Texas.

I haven't updated my blog because we are in a stagnant period, a lull in an economic storm. Things will change when people frozen in fear, become willing to move to the next level of change - so they, we can get on with it - for a new developed responsibility in living. Less will be changed than would be desired by folks like us, but change at whatever level will be welcome - it's about moving on - hard to move on, for people "frozen in fear."