Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2010 International CES, January 7-10...Should be mindblowing!

Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) is where all of the companies with new products in the Information Technology (IT)
industry come to "The Disneyland of the Adult World" Las Vegas - to show off their new products - which will turn into Both Business and Consumer's most wanted and needed products of the "near" future.  

Such things are on Dock - Announcements Galore:

Downloading PDF documents and having them converted into speech - for listening rather than reading - and step 2 - converted to read at a faster pace if desired.

Attempts by other companies to simulate (what Apple will finally produce) The Touch Tablet - combo Laptop/web book... book reader and probably other than providing "pyhsical" sexual satisfaction - another type of satisfaction most desired. At the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week, at least a half dozen companies will unveil new e-reading devices, including Plastic Logic Ltd., Hearst Corp.’s Skiff, Spring Design Inc. and Entourage Systems Inc.

Product Categories:

Audio Hardware & Software
Blank Media
Bluetooth Technology
Broadband Technology
Car Audio
Computer Hardware & Software
Content Distribution
Content Production
Digital Car
Digital Hollywood
Global Positioning Systems
Handheld Information Devices
High-performance Audio & Home Theater
Home Appliances
Home/Personal Healthcare
Digital TV/HDTV
Electronic Gaming

Once the CES begins - two providers will be offering live Information: (search)

Automation Home Security
Home Theater & Custom Installation
Internet Applications & Services
In-Vehicle Technology
MP3/Internet Audio
Personal Electronics
Photography/Digital Imaging
Retail Resources
Satellite Systems
Small Office/Home Office
Speech Technology
Telematics & Vehicle Navigation
Telephony Equipment
Video Hardware & Software
Wi-Fi Technology
Wireless/Mobile Communications

Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy New Year - El Viejo

Scent of a woman

Some Days You're the Dog and others the Mule

Amazing - How Quickly the "Economic Weather" will change when the holiday season ends this year.

There appears to be an unsettling atmosphere of optimism in the Securities Markets.  Who believes them?
They say (?) real estate has bottomed - By looking at the advertising here in the Phoenix area - you would think Real Estate is a great investment - the advertising prices look like they never fell - too much deception. In commercial real estate, lots of dead bodies - LOTS! - It will be interesting how many commercial business stayed alive thru the holidays - but the future, without stimulus, looks very cloudy - The Automobile Industry seems to have run into another drought.  Good time to buy a new car - if you care.   I came out today to gather some acorns and I'm ready to come out on sunny days - and stay near my "hollow." My mind is already wandering toward spring and my plans for Mountain Rivers and Streams - cool summer weather at altitude - keeping my tan and working up my exercise and down my appetite.  Happy New Year - I know mine will be!

There is always the challenge of being an older person.  We, as a group, are not even considered - on the other hand - we generally, most of us, will not be suffering - what is at hand for those who are counted.

El Viejo

Friday, December 25, 2009

4am Christmas Morning - The Economy - The People - GBA

"My Motto: I like to have everything so perfect,
I can take it for granted!" - Charlie Brown

Tomorrow - the rest of everything that did not sell before xmas will be going on sale at 5AM - so what is left - All of the Hype - all of the hope - take a look down the road - Xmas to the First Day of Spring....the economy will have to be propped up by various stimulus plans to keep all of the crippled sectors from falling out of site.

Mercy, Mercy, Mercy... there is a health feature to the final cleansing that is necessary for all of us to once again move into a normal thriving economy - we should see this in the next 3 months...and it will be a slow birth out of the dreads of all those who fell and may not recover until 2012. We are just finishing a Decade of the worst economic and international social happenings in the past 80 years.

As a trader, I am slowly moving my trades into "short" derivatives, a way to profit from adversity. Millions of traders are awaiting this change...when?  When It's ready and not a moment sooner.  As always Patience is the key - and patience begins when patience runs out...

We will eventually have a new class of people in America - the permanently unemployed - about 10% of the workforce

So, thank god Charlie Brown and I have the same philosophy - God Bless America - and everyone else too!

PS. There was a reason that our forefathers insisted on "Separation of Church and State." In this Decade, now approaching its end in 6 days - Our Country was Run by a Mental Infant - controlled by a religious group 100 million strong.  George Bush Sr. didn't like Broccoli (as we know is one of the richest nutrients in the vegetable category.) This void in his own nutrition had genetic consequences in the passing of attributes to George W.  We have all suffered - the world suffered - Eat Your Broccoli!!!! Pray to God and hope that those who feel theirs is the only way to god - perish to Hell forever...of course both Charlie Brown and I do not recognize the concept of "Hell" as being anything - so heaven it is for us - and maybe you.....

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Is Life Fair?

Sure!  My mother once said "everyone gets what they deserve (and if you see or meet a couple and wonder why they are together) everyone deserves who they are with - don't even question it......"

NOW everything my mother said was not worth mentioning and not even worth listening listening to.

She spent lots of time trying to manipulate everything and everyone....human nature, I guess

Happy New Year