Thursday, September 27, 2012

And so, She Says She's a Librarian

Do we typecast people? Favorably and most times unfavorably. I was a CPA for 27 years - I can only think what I was "intended" to be from frequent conversations - "people to people" and people to me.

So, I say in her defense, look at what else she has!

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Austin and his Aunt Lily do the "Big City", Ferry and Finding Nemo in 3D

Shoe shopping!  Austin picks a pair of pink sparkly shoes... but they were too small.  He ended up with black and red Off The Wall Vans High-Tops... it's what all the cool kids are wearing these days.  They're lace-ups though...  Time to learn how to tie his shoes!!!

Ferry ride to the movies!  There is a small deserted island between Greenpoint and LIC that looks like dinosaurs could possibly live on.  But we didn't see any.

Yikes, the boat is a bit rocky due to the stormy weather out there!

Finding Nemo in 3-D was excellent... we enjoyed it very much.  That giant drink next to Austin is a "small".

Austin was at the edge of his seat for the entire film.  And that bag of popcorn lasted the entire day.

On the ferry back to Brooklyn!

Austin LOVES the 'big city'.

Under 40, Under Water - by State... So much for the "American Dream"

From Zillow

Monday, September 17, 2012

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Nothing is OK!

If you sit and do nothing someone eventually will walk into the room and say, “Hey, is everything ok?” Because people might not be used to “decrease” from you. You might be the “increase” guy. The one who is improving every day. But cut yourself some slack. It’s ok  to then say,
“Nothing is ok.” Because Nothing always is.
-thanks James ...

Kid Rock moves to the Right - NASCAR and C&W

Kid Rock

Actually he looks "Less Cool" above and more below.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Another of Patsi's wonderful cakes

Pinned Image
Patsi Shandra, Maker, Boise, Idaho
I have been fortunate in having Patsi make my two past B/D cakes
which are even better inside than out!!!!

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

From TAD "This and That"

‎"When this happens, I will be happy." 
"When I accomplish that, I will be happy."

What is "this" and "that"? A new relationship? A new job? A house? Paying off your credit cards? Losing some weight?

Happiness exists in the present moment. If you don't realize this simple fact, you will always have a "this" and "that" between you and happiness. 

Saturday, September 1, 2012

In Life we have to make choices and Compromises - "The Last Round!"

I can't afford this Ferrari and the upkeep would have killed me if I could

There is still hope, that I would like this Porsche for my last trip through the Highways of Idaho. (a perfect choice for road performance) Circumstances will play a big part in this decision. It could be in the range of possibilities.... In the 1960's I had the opportunity to have been a Porsche owner - an unforgettable experience. I sold it, in a "Back to the Farm Movement" in 1969. No Regrets - I do miss the unique experience and sounds.