Sunday, October 31, 2010

Stocks will jump about 7% at the end of the 2nd Q 2011
The Economy will continue to grow steadily
Obama will lose the White House in 2012

Remember, the folks who started the Great French Revolution
were not there when it had been completed. Just the facts Folks!

My predictions (FWIW)
"Might over Right" - The big chemical companies, Oil, Insurance
Wall Street - will survive it all.
Right Wing Religion will take a Fall (as it should!)
The free'er sexual encounters get, the less interested people will get driven by Money, Social and Family problems unforeseen - Mental Depression thrives.
The Good Old Days 1990 to 2000
The Children of the 1970's thru 1980 will be come a driving force in change.
The Almighty Dollar will still be the real "Religion" of America.
Microsoft will once again become a driving force to reckon with
Steven Jobs will not survive his next bout with Cancer
There will be a new socio-economic class in America - 10% permanently Unemployed.
Gated Communities will become gettos of little value

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jeremy - A most favorite "Can I Help you" at Dandelion Wine - Drinking Wine In Brooklyn: Reveals All (and more)!

On Tasting and Sending Back Wine By The Glass:
* When ordering by the glass, smell and taste it. If it smells or tastes bad, have server taste it.
* Ask which bottle was opened more recently. You don’t want a bottle that has been open for more than a couple of days.
* Questions you should ask your server: Whats your best selling wine? Is there one that the server likes?
* If you want to send something back, they should take it back. A Sommalier can tell without a doubt if a wine has gone bad.
* Signs a Wine is bad: (1) If there is a complete lack of fruit, that means it’s corked, (2)  If mishandled and red, it will taste acidic and vinegary, or effervescent– not to be confused with a sparking red.
Get Educated and Drink for FREE:
Dandelion Wine has free wine tastings on Thursdays 6-9pm. This is THE place to get educated on wine without the suffocating crowds and bank-breaking-ness.
When All Else Fails, Know Your Importers:
Kermit Lynch* and Neil Rosenthal are 2 importers with great palates, most of their stuff is solid. If you don’t have a sophisticated palate and you just want to choose a decent glass of wine, ask your server if they have anything from these guys. Also a plus, you’ll totally sound like you know what you’re talking about.
*available at Boise Co-Op

Monday, October 25, 2010

In America: The definition of "TRUTH" is whatever works - nothing to do with the facts.

There are a number things the public "knows" as we head into the election that are just false. If people elect leaders based on false information, the things those leaders do in office will not be what the public expects or needs.
Here are eight of the biggest myths that are out there:
1) President Obama tripled the deficit.
Reality: Bush's last budget had a $1.416 trillion deficit. Obama's first budget reduced that to $1.29 trillion.
2) President Obama raised taxes, which hurt the economy.
Reality: Obama cut taxes. 40% of the "stimulus" was wasted on tax cuts which only create debt, which is why it was so much less effective than it could have been.
3) President Obama bailed out the banks.
Reality: While many people conflate the "stimulus" with the bank bailouts, the bank bailouts were requested by President Bush and his Treasury Secretary, former Goldman Sachs CEO Henry Paulson. (Paulson also wanted the bailouts to be "non-reviewable by any court or any agency.") The bailouts passed and began before the 2008 election of President Obama.
4) The stimulus didn't work.
Reality: The stimulus worked, but was not enough. In fact, according to the Congressional Budget Office, the stimulus raised employment by between 1.4 million and 3.3 million jobs.
5) Businesses will hire if they get tax cuts.
Reality: A business hires the right number of employees to meet demand. Having extra cash does not cause a business to hire, but a business that has a demand for what it does will find the money to hire. Businesses want customers, not tax cuts.
6) Health care reform costs $1 trillion.
Reality: The health care reform reduces government deficits by $138 billion.
7) Social Security is a Ponzi scheme, is "going broke," people live longer, fewer workers per retiree, etc.
Reality: Social Security has run a surplus since it began, has a trust fund in the trillions, is completely sound for at least 25 more years and cannot legally borrow so cannot contribute to the deficit (compare that to the military budget!) Life expectancy is only longer because fewer babies die; people who reach 65 live about the same number of years as they used to.
8) Government spending takes money out of the economy.
Reality: Government is We, the People and the money it spends is on We, the People. Many people do not know that it is government that builds the roads, airports, ports, courts, schools and other things that are the soil in which business thrives. Many people think that all government spending is on "welfare" and "foreign aid" when that is only a small part of the government's budget.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A.E. and Me - I remember those years - my memory serves me well

WHEN I was one-and-twenty
  I heard a wise man say,
‘Give crowns and pounds and guineas
  But not your heart away;
Give pearls away and rubies        
  But keep your fancy free.’
But I was one-and-twenty,
  No use to talk to me.
When I was one-and-twenty
  I heard him say again,      10
‘The heart out of the bosom
  Was never given in vain;
’Tis paid with sighs a plenty
  And sold for endless rue.’
And I am two-and-twenty,        15
  And oh, ’tis true, ’tis true

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dandelion Wine

Lily Echo Peachin, Proprietor
36 years old, Determined and Available

Thursday, October 14, 2010

La Grande Dame - Lily Echo - Dandelion Wine

Autumn is here and the new season of FGTG starts October 26th.
I've got a lot of new things lined up and its going to be an exciting season. October is also my birthday month and I expect lots of invitations to share a glass or two. Libras rock!!
The season kicks off with Stefanie Schwalb popping into Bottlerocket to chat with owner Tom Geniesse. Bottlerocket is a truly unique and fun wineshop and Tom shares his vision with us. Stefanie is also searching for wines that go with take-out Thai and macaroons for dessert. Is Tom up to the challenge? Don't miss this episode.
Our Women & Wine series is hosted by Zwann Grays. Women are starting to make some serious waves in the industry and Zwann is there to take us behind the scenes. The series starts when we visit Alie Shaper of BOE Wines, in the planning stages of setting up the "Tasting Room" in Williamsburg. Alie is a crackerjack wine maker determined to create great wine.

Garry Timms and I are shooting a segment in Greenpoint, Brooklyn with Lily the owner of Dandelion Wines on October 14th, 7 - 10pm. Lily is hosting one of her fabulous wine tastings. Stop in, taste some wine and who knows, you may end up on the show. Her shop is fantastic and the wine selection is supreme.
We ran into Bret from Wine Cellar Sorbet and can I say DELICIOUS!!!! He can't give away the recipe but we will swing by for a sit down with BIG, BIG spoons.
We will air a spoof on the Dating Game called Date that Grape. The team had a blast doing it and I know you will love it. It's kitchy, silly and fun.
Grab your glasses and get ready. It's all about you and me and the mighty grape and I can definitely drink to that.

Monday, October 11, 2010