Friday, October 11, 2013

My Girls

My Little Girl, Lily and her Dog La Nina Bonita
I trained Bonita in the desert of Arizona - she was attacked by a lone Coyote - and killed it instantly.  I knew then I has a great dog... gave her to Lily as a present - there is more to the story, but not at this time....

Wine tasting for shipping to home - supply sufficient to last me til my next trip to NYC

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Potato Leek Soup with Garlic and Red Carrots from the Farm - Rainy Day here in Brooklyn

Lily and I are making a large Pot of (all from the farm) Potato Leek Soup this am... doing other things all in preparation for the Wine Tasting Tonight - further listed on:
Later this afternoon.  Lily Echo is the owner of the shop and my only Daughter..... We will be spending the time selecting her best selections 3 of each to send back to Boise for my winter pleasure... Dandelion Wine also listed:
 Free Wine Tasting, bread and cheese every Thursday 5 to 9 pm.... actually there are bottles of wine open for tasting most times..... more later.......

I have been reminded, by several friends, that Summer is Over

To that end... The Republican Party is still with us... they are pretending "The Major Accident..." didn't happen.  I am in NYC returning to Boise after the Monday holiday.
I spent a long weekend at the family farm: A quick look at the farm pages relate pictures of what is being done and where I spent 25 years living and working as a CPA in a nearby town.

More to come... weekly posts to start until I get "Rev'd up" and disturbed by  the ignorance and arrogance of self perceived important people, the politically correct and "Outright Assholes" that cling to "good people" and bring our brains down - so we can defend and deal with outside necessities!

Remember, the good in people requires "leaving more on the table, than taking for your own needs!"  "Paying it forward" is always a good feeling.......!

The new addition to my Family since I last wrote: "Shorty" a McNab Border Collie - shorter hair... taller dog... herding dog developed to work larger livestock. Pictured at 6 mos old.

Jackpot - almost 6 year old Border Collie - wild dog mix been with me for 5 1/2 years