Sunday, June 20, 2010

From a Woman looking for a man

She said:
Wow, what an interesting man you are. I like the fact that you know exactly what you want and are not afraid to say so. E-mailing is not a way for me to go so if you are interested in me please let me know and we will meet someplace.

Peggy Stetson (name adjusted)
Pagosa Springs, Colorado

My Note back to Her:

Dear Marguerite:

I have spent the last 14 years, traveling with horses 11 of those years. I have visited small towns and large cities - after all that time, I narrowed where I would settle down to two towns: Flagstaff, AZ and Boise, ID - they both have many common threads. I just purchased a small home in a location that will be the next gentrification of this city relating to the Boise River, The River Project, parks, and Kayak Whitewater areas...I'm very excited to stop in a town of this caliber in a wonderful location at a price that was a miracle for me - the home, of the many I looked at, was under contract - last minute fell through - I laid out the cash 15 minutes later and closed within three days - the gods knew it was my time and this was the place - That was two weeks ago - the house was newly upgraded inside and most of my stuff will be in there within one more week. I am blessed - (I am also not religious, not Christian - but "chosen' for the next phase of my life)

I own a farm in upstate NY which is in mothballs - my children want it - maybe next spring I'll go there and pick up my stuff - and bring it here.

I really have no plans to do any traveling - as I have done nothing but... for the past 14 years..... I had planned to move to Northern Italy, when I became 70, to live out my life in a small villa, espresso, a little wine and Northern Italian food for the remainder of my life - maybe another life... maybe another time.

you are an attractive woman - actually in my normal travels from Arizona in the Winter, I would go north and into the mountains in the summer then this year I was going to round Jackson Hole and work my way down through Colorado into New Mexico - BUT as life would have it - the brakes slammed up - and the Real Estate Market here in Boise embraced me... sorry for the seller... my money went mostly to lenders and a few thousand to the owner.

I am here in Boise where I can be viewed, but the words of my profile were developed to "capture" and were written by an "ordinary man" in an ordinary life....


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Monday, June 14, 2010

Dog - Lawrence Ferlinghetti


The dog trots freely in the street
and sees reality
and the things he sees
are bigger than himself
and the things he sees
are his reality
Drunks in doorways
Moons on trees
The dog trots freely thru the street
and the things he sees
are smaller than himself
Fish on newsprint
Ants in holes
Chickens in Chinatown windows
their heads a block away
The dog trots freely in the street
and the things he smells
smell something like himself
The dog trots freely in the street
past puddles and babies
cats and cigars
poolrooms and policemen
He doesn't hate cops
He merely has no use for them
and he goes past them
and past the dead cows hung up whole
in front of the San Francisco Meat Market
He would rather eat a tender cow
than a tough policeman
though either might do
And he goes past the Romeo Ravioli Factory
and past Coit's Tower
and past Congressman Doyle of the Unamerican Committee
He's afraid of Coit's Tower
but he's not afraid of Congressman Doyle
although what he hears is very discouraging
very depressing
very absurd
to a sad young dog like himself
to a serious dog like himself
But he has his own free world to live in
His own fleas to eat
He will not be muzzled
Congressman Doyle is just another
fire hydrant
to him
The dog trots freely in the street
and has his own dog's life to live
and to think about
and to reflect upon
touching and tasting and testing everything
investigating everything
without benefit of perjury
a real realist
with a real tale to tell
and a real tail to tell it with
a real live
democratic dog
engaged in real
free enterprise
with something to say
about ontology
something to say
about reality
and how to see it
and how to hear it
with his head cocked sideways
at streetcorners
as if he is just about to have
his picture taken
for Victor Records
listening for
His Master's Voice
and looking
like a living questionmark
into the
great gramophone
of puzzling existence
with its wondrous hollow horn
which always seems
just about to spout forth
some Victorious answer
to everything

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Movin On - While I'm standing still - Boise, Idaho

After 14 years on the road and exploring many places, meeting many people, riding horses throughout the West - I have acquired a home in Boise, Idaho - An introduction to the next phase of my life. Boise, Idaho is a Town that I like and a town that likes me.