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From "The Fig" who never fails to turn me on to something great!

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hit play - btw I remember her in a previous life
very exciting!!!

Stop payment! A homeowners’ revolt against the banks

Upside-down homeowners should forgo pride
when their own economics is at stake... The Banks will get along...and forclosure for a new buyer is a nightmare. Bankers are not creative, they just assume something will come along and bail them out. The banks are better off having the nonpaying owners to remain in the home - let the mortgage payments and taxes pile up - BUT pay the insurance for sure!
The Taxing authorities usually hold the taxes in arrears for more than 2 years and then plan an auction almost a year later... the tax auction is serious for both the non-paying owners and the bank. It is usually when someone "blinks" and begins to act.

US Army's A160 Hummingbird drone-copter to don 1.8 gigapixel camera

Starting in July of 2012, the United States Army will deploy three Boeing A160 Hummingbird drones to Afghanistan as part of a one-year trial program. Unlike the Predator drones already in combat, the A160 is a rotor-based aircraft capable of vertical take-offs and landings. What's more, the craft will be affixed with the DARPA-developed ARGUS-IS imaging system -- which boasts a 1.8 gigapixel camera the Army says can "track people and vehicles from altitudes above 20,000 feet."

This is a Technical Signal that the Dow should rise over 1,000 points, within the next 6 months. There is a positive probability of its truth

On Friday, the Dow Jones Industrial Average broke and closed above key resistance.  As shown below, the index broke above the neckline of a reverse head and shoulders pattern, which is a bullish technical formation.  This opens up quite a bit of upside room to run before any new resistance levels come into play for the Dow. Called a Reverse Head and Shoulders - courtesy of Bespoke Investment Group

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Who is Responsible for our Economic Mess?

You can't read this? Of course not! - but if you are interested you can go to this website and expand it into readable form - and it is worth it if you have the time!

If you are too lazy to read it, take my word then.

Money follows a chain of who has it to who doesn't.  At another level this chain has to follow rules and regulations set by the government, the industries which lead to the consumer - mostly in this case - there were two final consumers - 1. The financially unworthy homeowner. 2. The final resting place of the debt supporting these homeowners (it was handled like a very hot potato) repackaged into securities that were purchased and sold to unsuspecting investors.  Along the way there were profit centers from Real Estate Developers, Real Estate Brokers, Finance accomidators, Wall Street accomidators and then security packagers - each profit center sucked out their fees... Who got Fucked? #1 The US Economy, #2 The displaced homeowners #3 The final investors in packaged mortgages. The US Legislators were the "Big Pimps" by loosening up regulations or even eliminating other regulations to speed up the "fucking!" There was enough money sucked out to pay big corporate salaries, big legislators' pockets, and large fees to Teenage Brokers and salespeople. 

Evolution doesn't recognize good from bad - it generally does recognize strength over weakness - we evolved as a people from one cell living organisms by a succession of gains and losses, successes and failures - and here we are - dealing with a "Tea Party" who thinks they have the answer to the next step in evolution. Will it be good? Will it be bad? will it be a success or a Failure?  Evolution doesn't care! At almost 70 years old, I don't care either... I am certainly a spectator at best... But what about what's best for my children and grand children - they will survive better than most - and that is the best I can wish for them.... Happy Holidays!

ps. Half our country doesn't believe in evolution - they will be the most damaged. The other half should read "Shadows Of Forgotten Ancestors"
Written by Carl Sagan and AnnDruyan (Husband and Wife.)
One reviewer said: "This is a book that will cause you to reassess what you believe being human means." Who will ever replace Carl Sagan?

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Please Excuse my Indisgression - a Fantasy - I can't help myself! Afterall, How would you Celebrate your New Year's Fantasy? ...Whew!...MyBad! This is a Redux of last year - same goods and people are returning

It goes without saying, that this is a meal requiring time between courses - and savoring all of the flavors - mind you - going back for seconds at any juncture requires more time indeed.
I would guess that to enjoy this properly 6 to 12 hours would be about right.


Hummus - double the Garlic

My Wine of Choice - Masi Valpolicella 2008

On crushed Ice, hold the salt, Low Ball Glass

and of course to quench our thirst.....

BTW - The proper way to drink 1554 is in a wine glass - my opinion
I would have preferred a large bowl, thin stem, Burgundy
wine glass - Hornitos and 1554 go well together (paired)
There are many fine Belgium Dark beers... after trying
all the small breweries in my travels this Belgium
Dark had the best finish - chocolaty* - if you will
N/B 1554 is not sold on east coast
...........and finally

Just before Dawn

A favorite New Year's Eve Menu all of my favorites
 all vegan!

Disappointed in Me?  How would you improve on this menu if you were planning your own?

 Every hormone released in this menu is in the Chocolate Family. Broccoli?.....use your imagination - this menu was created by mine. 

ps. This menu includes every drug that I recommend "for the good life" - each has it's own intensity - not into drugs?  Well, each to his (her) own.....HAPPY NEW YEAR - God Bless America!

ps. As we age... everything becomes overripe, like the sugar in a Banana, but my "virtual objects" seem to have the same age year after year... just like a good dream.  

Home Farm in Charlotteville, NY

purchased from Schuyler Clapper, diary farmer in 1969 
43 of 100 acres shown with buildings via Google Earth - October 2011
Was a horse facility until 1996 and soil remained dormant, except for Hay cutting for 15 years and now beginning by Walter Riesen and Lily Peachin as an organic vegetable farm with first small test harvesting in September 2011.
New Moon Today - unlike the Full Moon representing change, the New Moon represents "a confirmation of what has previously happened in the days leading up - This confirmation is heightened by its energy!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

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yes, what you thought, the symmetry of what is going on in my head 

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The Virtue of Selfishness*

"Ethics is not a mystic fantasy - nor a social convention - nor a dispensable, subjective luxury....Ethics is an objective necessity of man's survival - not by the grace of the supernatural nor, of our neighbors nor of your whims, but by the grace of reality and the nature of life"

The Objectivist ethics proudly advocates and upholds rational selfishness - which means: the values required for man's survival qua man - which means the values required for human survival - not the values produced by desires, the feelings, the whims or the needs of irrational brutes, who have never outgrown the primordial practice of human sacrifices." - Ayn Rand

 (Ayn is colloquially pronounced as "Ann" except for the "affected")

I recently wrote something to a friend and wondered where the thought arrived into my brain - from a long ago storage faculty within:

"At this stage in my life I live in a delicate balance physically, mentally and financially that if interrupted or changes because of bad judgment...might not allow me the ability to I worried or'm cautious...I have observed people of my age make a substantial error and watch them deteriorate quickly..."overnight", if you will. I make most of my decisions based upon how the results of those decisions might enhance self preservation. Am I always playing it safe? I don't believe in playing it safe...more playing it smart...somewhat compromise, is by definition, not playing it smart - compromise allows unintended influences to come into play - if that compromise is attributed to're fucked!"

Friday, December 16, 2011

Buyer found for nation's priciest bank-owned home

 the waterfall in the foyer. And the 2,500-square-foot master bedroom with a hallway just for closets. And the 22-foot glass walls that look out on San Francisco's Arts District. And the fact that this penthouse condo is the most expensive bank-owned residence in the country.  

20,000-square-foot penthouse in lieu of foreclosure back in July, just sold the condo. Listed at $35 million, 188 Minna St. was purchased for an eye-popping $28 million,Perched atop the St. Regis luxury residential tower, this six-bedroom, seven-bath (plus four half-baths) palace is practically a private hotel: There's a full gym with a sauna and steam room, 13-seat movie theater, 2,900 square feet of terrace space and parking for six cars.

From my experience (lol) you would need at least 2 full time personal assistants and a bonded service to come in weekly for the heavy duty stuff.
(optional: local catering service to provide at least one meal a day and stock the refrigerator with ready to eat leftovers selected by the owners - personally, my choice would be a Zabars level of Deli - if SF has one.)

Of course, lots of people go broke trying to look good - being that you are the things you own...

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Three Ways to Fix Europe Without Europe’s Help

How can we, here in the US, lower volatility to break this negative feedback loop that is choking Europe? I propose three solutions that have absolutely nothing to do with the EU:

1. Bring back the uptick rule – I'm sorry, but I don't care how many studies you show me "proving" that the uptick rule was ineffective. Removing it was an enormous mistake. We know from behavioral finance that people feel the loss of a dollar about twice as much as they feel the gain of a dollar. The uptick rule slows down the rate at which that pains expresses itself and can reduce as a result the emotional response to losses. This would lower volatility and financial stress.

2. Tax high-frequency trading – we have a long-term capital gains tax and a short-term capital gains tax. Why can't we also have an ultra-short capital gains tax? All of this nanosecond trading, which does not add anything to the normal functioning of markets, increases price swings. Taxing nanosecond trades would make them less profitable, which in turn would bring the market back to retail investors. This would lower volatility and financial stress.

3. The Fed should explicitly state an inflation target – this has been debated for some time internally within the Fed, and it is beyond my understanding why this has not been done already. The best way to counter deflation fears is to tell the market that there is an explicit inflation target the Fed will reach at any and all costs. Increased inflation expectations are bullish for risk assets and would increase the velocity of money. This would lower volatility and financial stress.

This is via Minyanville from: 

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A Type of Charades Game for Music Titles BBC

A parlor Game - funner than Charades

Sent to Me from Linda - ladylea from "The Underground"

1. Download (safe)
2. Open Download
3. Hit full screen upper right corner

Participant has to act out the title of the song
6275K   Download  


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It's called "Full Moon Mojo"

There must be somewhere between 25 to 40 posts (on this blog) about the Full Moon effect on "what's going around" THE FULL MOON REPRESENTS CHANGE!
On Friday in the after-market I began a position in SDS which is really a derrivative of twice the %age movement of S and P 500 - It gains on going down. This am in the pre-market I filled up my position to just a little over my comfort level...
At close to 3pm I closed my position for $.94+ on many many shares. I felt a turn about to take place - so I put the proceeds in the "Fast Runner" BHP as if the market corrects late in the day - BHP will outpace the S and P better than 2 for 1.... This is what I call a "Pairing" under the duress of the Full Moon - As the "Wallstreeters" try to keep up appearances of a Santa Claus rally - so we'll loosen the reins and let this horse run.....and buck!


charts courtesy of:

IBM/Lenovo's little secret

We all know that IBM sold it's personal computer business to Lenovo several years ago.  Lenovo has always built the IBM computers, now designs their own computers under many "Think Names"

What only a million or so people know (IBM has 425,000 employees alone) That IBM has retained control of the design and workability of the Famous

Go ahead, call Lenovo and ask for tech support - and when you get through the numbers you'll see that when tech is required for the "thinkpad"
you are redirected to IBM Technicians. Afterall, IBM wants to control the 425,000 "Thinkpad" computers that their employees have - got it?

I have recently purchased a Lenovo (IBM) "Thinkpad" X220t a laptop that converts to a tablet with full touch screen as well as a "computer pen" that does many functions.  They sell a special screen (not touch) designed for the Military (with special specs - most of which are on my "Thinkpad"

I have never set up a computer so quickly - with almost 200 detailed pages of instructions - details I have never seen on a computer over the past 35 years and 40 computers I have purchased.

Lenovo prices this computer, as purchased, with SSD Drive + Intel's fastest chips, etc. for $3,000 - I have followed their deals for the past few months - first discounted to 2,000 than to 1,851 and then for 4 days less than $1,500 where I hit the purchase button... I am very proud and happy to have the ultimate IBM laptop/Pad -

ThinkPad X220T business convertible tablet PC

Without changing the power options - my first battery drain was just over 5 hours -

Why not an Apple MacBook Air - I am not Mac oriented, I have several programs that work only on Windows - yes I know the Mac's have a partitioned drive with Windows included - to operate windows programs.

An iPad is not computer enough for me and my applications and for all practical purposes is a Magnificently Designed Display component with "netbook" qualities... a social toy if you will. - My opinion (defects and all) of course.

Friday, December 9, 2011

Full Moon Tomorrow Saturday Dec 10 and also Full eclipse of the moon.

The full Moon has been coming on strong since Wednesday. This esp a strong full moon and will bring about the culmination of many things in one's life and surrounding environment. /change is in the air, in a big way... Hold on....

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Smoking can make your nipples fall off

Smoking can make your nipples fall off
By Anthony Youn, M.D., is a plastic surgeon in Metro Detroit. He is the author of“In Stitches,” Re:CNN 
I cringe every time I see a patient for a breast lift who is a smoker. I’m deathly afraid that despite my warnings, she will smoke before or after surgery and cause her nipples to turn black and fall off.

Yes. Smokers who undergo breast lifts are at great risk of losing their nipples.

I’ve seen it before.

The nicotine in cigarettes and the carbon monoxide contained in cigarette smoke can diminish blood flow to various parts of the body. These toxins act as a virtual tourniquet. If the blood flow to a particular body part becomes greatly reduced or halted, that body part dies.

In my memoir “In Stitches,” I told the story of a smoker whose nipples turned purple while undergoing a breast lift surgery. Purple is the precursor to black. Black is the precursor to falling off. To save the patient—and her nipples - we turned to the only treatment available.

We used leeches.

Because of the mechanics of blood flow, when the blood supply is inadequate, which occurs with smoking, the tiniest veins often fail. This insufficiency results in a backup of old (venous) blood in the body part, causing it to turn purple. If the backup of old blood is serious enough, the purple color may eventually turn black. That’s when we know the body part - toe, finger, or nipple - is dead.

We use leeches to literally suck out the excess venous blood from the body part, acting as an attachable vein. The leech drains the old blood, causing it to turn from unhealthy purple back to healthy pink. We place leeches intermittently until the body part grows new blood vessels to do the leeches’ work. This can take several days.

Not long ago, during a consultation for a breast lift, a patient, Susan, admitted to being a pack-a-day smoker. I informed her that smoking can cause difficulty in healing and instructed her to quit smoking at least one month before surgery and to stay off cigarettes for at least a month afterward. Several months later, when she arrived at the hospital for her breast lift, she smelled like an ashtray.

“Susan, I thought you quit smoking.”

“I did. OK. For a while. It’s really hard to quit, Dr. Youn.”

“I know,” I said. “But this is a big deal. There could be major healing problems if you smoke before or after surgery.”

“I understand. But I want to go ahead with the surgery anyway. It’ll be fine.”

She wasn’t hearing me. I needed to get through to her. “Susan, listen to me. If I operate on you, your nipples could turn black and fall off.”

Her eyes widened. “You mean… I’d have no nipples?”

“No nipples. That’s what smoking can do.”

Susan flushed. She raised her voice. “Dr. Youn, I took a week off work for this surgery. I had to put my whole life on hold for an entire week. If you told me I’d lose my nipples from smoking, I would’ve quit for good. This is your fault.”

Yes. Seriously. Susan blamed me for the inconvenience.

Thanks to her, I’ve changed my policy. In addition to the Surgeon General’s Warning that appears on cigarette packages, I now offer the Plastic Surgeon’s Warning to all my patients who smoke: If you are having a breast lift or reduction and you smoke, your nipples could turn black and fall off. If you are having a tummy tuck and you smoke, you may get an infection resulting in a big gross open wound that will take three months to heal. If you are having a facelift and you smoke, the skin of your cheek could turn black and slough off, leaving exposed fat.

Imagine yourself looking like “Two-Face” from “Batman: The Dark Knight.”

And do you really want me to reach for the jar of leeches?

Smokers, you have been warned.
Can you imagine, losing your nipples, your sensativity, and probably your main intimate partner - all for what?  
Do you like the way your breasts feel when they are touched by your partner - and his knowledge of your nipple arousal... better ask him if you should screw around with your bio-electrical system of course many women's breasts and nipples are not directly connected to the "spark" (the "turbo-connection") in that case - tell the plastic surgeon to "cut away"

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

From Brian at Alphatrtends
I would like to point out 4 significant technical levels on the daily chart of the $SPY in this general area. These levels are labeled 1-4 on the daily chart below.
Numbers 1 & 2 are generally considered bearish.
1- the declining 200 day moving average ~ 126.61
2- the downtrend line connecting the highs from midyear
Numbers 3 & 4 are neutral to slightly bullish.
3- the blue horizontal line shows the closing price of 125.75 on 12/31/10
4- the purple horizontal line represents the Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) from the first trading day of the year through current prices ~ 125.23
Looked at together and with a quick glance at the choppy price action, it remains difficult to have confidence in the near term direction of the market.
click charts to expand