Sunday, December 25, 2011

Who is Responsible for our Economic Mess?

You can't read this? Of course not! - but if you are interested you can go to this website and expand it into readable form - and it is worth it if you have the time!

If you are too lazy to read it, take my word then.

Money follows a chain of who has it to who doesn't.  At another level this chain has to follow rules and regulations set by the government, the industries which lead to the consumer - mostly in this case - there were two final consumers - 1. The financially unworthy homeowner. 2. The final resting place of the debt supporting these homeowners (it was handled like a very hot potato) repackaged into securities that were purchased and sold to unsuspecting investors.  Along the way there were profit centers from Real Estate Developers, Real Estate Brokers, Finance accomidators, Wall Street accomidators and then security packagers - each profit center sucked out their fees... Who got Fucked? #1 The US Economy, #2 The displaced homeowners #3 The final investors in packaged mortgages. The US Legislators were the "Big Pimps" by loosening up regulations or even eliminating other regulations to speed up the "fucking!" There was enough money sucked out to pay big corporate salaries, big legislators' pockets, and large fees to Teenage Brokers and salespeople. 

Evolution doesn't recognize good from bad - it generally does recognize strength over weakness - we evolved as a people from one cell living organisms by a succession of gains and losses, successes and failures - and here we are - dealing with a "Tea Party" who thinks they have the answer to the next step in evolution. Will it be good? Will it be bad? will it be a success or a Failure?  Evolution doesn't care! At almost 70 years old, I don't care either... I am certainly a spectator at best... But what about what's best for my children and grand children - they will survive better than most - and that is the best I can wish for them.... Happy Holidays!

ps. Half our country doesn't believe in evolution - they will be the most damaged. The other half should read "Shadows Of Forgotten Ancestors"
Written by Carl Sagan and AnnDruyan (Husband and Wife.)
One reviewer said: "This is a book that will cause you to reassess what you believe being human means." Who will ever replace Carl Sagan?

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