Monday, December 12, 2011

IBM/Lenovo's little secret

We all know that IBM sold it's personal computer business to Lenovo several years ago.  Lenovo has always built the IBM computers, now designs their own computers under many "Think Names"

What only a million or so people know (IBM has 425,000 employees alone) That IBM has retained control of the design and workability of the Famous

Go ahead, call Lenovo and ask for tech support - and when you get through the numbers you'll see that when tech is required for the "thinkpad"
you are redirected to IBM Technicians. Afterall, IBM wants to control the 425,000 "Thinkpad" computers that their employees have - got it?

I have recently purchased a Lenovo (IBM) "Thinkpad" X220t a laptop that converts to a tablet with full touch screen as well as a "computer pen" that does many functions.  They sell a special screen (not touch) designed for the Military (with special specs - most of which are on my "Thinkpad"

I have never set up a computer so quickly - with almost 200 detailed pages of instructions - details I have never seen on a computer over the past 35 years and 40 computers I have purchased.

Lenovo prices this computer, as purchased, with SSD Drive + Intel's fastest chips, etc. for $3,000 - I have followed their deals for the past few months - first discounted to 2,000 than to 1,851 and then for 4 days less than $1,500 where I hit the purchase button... I am very proud and happy to have the ultimate IBM laptop/Pad -

ThinkPad X220T business convertible tablet PC

Without changing the power options - my first battery drain was just over 5 hours -

Why not an Apple MacBook Air - I am not Mac oriented, I have several programs that work only on Windows - yes I know the Mac's have a partitioned drive with Windows included - to operate windows programs.

An iPad is not computer enough for me and my applications and for all practical purposes is a Magnificently Designed Display component with "netbook" qualities... a social toy if you will. - My opinion (defects and all) of course.

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