Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Pivot Point - Weather Changing

Arrived back in Boise - air travel over for awhile and back to "The Road" looking for direction. The Weather in Boise is turning from an average of 90 degrees to late fall temps of 50 to 60 and moisture returns.

Should make a change about October 15th - East, West or South?

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Autumn in New York

In New York September 18 thru the 28th

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Trading, etc. and Senator Boner (as in hardon) The New Mr. Evil

recent NR-7 alerts (act like coiled springs)

Symbol Time (NY) Message
WFR 09/18/09, 16:00:02 NR7
BCRX 09/18/09, 16:00:02 NR7
KOP 09/18/09, 16:00:02 NR7
KNDL 09/18/09, 16:00:02 NR7
ACTC 09/18/09, 16:00:02 NR7
HINKY 09/18/09, 16:00:02 NR7
HURN 09/18/09, 16:00:02 NR7
MMSI 09/18/09, 16:00:00 NR7
NVDA 09/18/09, 16:00:00 NR7
SPEC 09/18/09, 16:00:00 NR7
GG 09/18/09, 16:00:00 NR7
CBU 09/18/09, 16:00:00 NR7
NOOF 09/18/09, 16:00:00 NR7
GVI 09/18/09, 16:00:00 NR7-2
CEPH 09/18/09, 16:00:00 NR7
TLVT 09/18/09, 16:00:00 NR7
WTU 09/18/09, 16:00:00 NR7
MXIM 09/18/09, 16:00:00 NR7-2
BIL 09/18/09, 16:00:00 NR7
NMR 09/18/09, 16:00:00 NR7
EM 09/18/09, 16:00:00 NR7
CVA 09/18/09, 16:00:01 NR7
OEH 09/18/09, 16:00:01 NR7
LLBO 09/18/09, 16:00:01 NR7
HOV 09/18/09, 16:00:01 NR7

From Trade Ideas

Definition of NR-7 (Trader Mike http://tradermike.net/2006/10/narrow_range_bars... )
Definition of Coiled Springs (Farley - http://www.hardrightedge.com/tour/spring.htm )

Everyone asks where do I get a list to start looking at what to look at - here is one and definitions of what you are looking at.

Oh? on a different subject - I am lucky to have a Public Option in my insurance. Medicare - plus all the gaps and options. I have never had such good coverage at a cost of insurance equal to 15 years ago in my business.
Oh? yes - Medicare is going broke - Bull $hit - it's a political term that the government uses when it borrows Social Security money collected and then has to pay it back without interest over many years - they don't like to pay back borrowed money to folks who will by dying soon - let them go before a death board and then let them die.

PS. 2nd only to Mr. Evil - Dick Cheney is Representative Boner (as in hardon) just look at him - EVIL!
From Peachin 67 years old

Friday, September 18, 2009

Planning 50th High School Reunion - Highland Park High School, Highland Park Illinois - 1960

1960 Class Pictures Graduation Highland Park High School

March 2009 - Dandelion Wine Store - Lily Peachin, Prop.
Brooklyn, New York - Weekly Friday Night wine tasting

The Reunion Committee of 20 is planning a very big turnout
Next September (2010)

Thursday, September 17, 2009

I am layering in hedge positions

everyday a few shares of ProShares ultra short RUT and Nas. I'll be adding thru Options Expiration Day (Friday) and will re access on Tuesday next.

Monday, September 14, 2009

On The Mark

I'm almost back for my fall season go-around Back to Boise from Seattle tonight - off to NYC in a week, for a week, back to Boise for a week or two - then on the road in mid-October maybe, and maybe a change in the markets after all the power of China, Europe and USA try to F'up the economies with protectionism. Tires and Chicken import curbs, etc.

I would say astrology aside, but Susan Miller at Astrologyzone is suggesting an across the board (all signs) facing some interesting economic changes between 9/15 and 9/23 - distill this down - in her discussion - we'll go in one way and come out another if we are flexible and willing to change with a change in circumstances...WTF

I'm heavy in Canadian Oil, Clearwire, XTXI, GE and Intel....staying that way - we'll see may have to start hedging - which requires "pick a point" accuracy and followup "worry"

Change is in the weather, the stars and in all the world economies - hope is not optimism - it is hope - a four letter word of sorts - it's a word that goes with "nothing left to lose" - "Cautious optimism" is a means nothing created in the media to say words diametrically opposed to each other.

So let's look toward good weather and feeling good - while we watch our acorn supply