Monday, September 14, 2009

On The Mark

I'm almost back for my fall season go-around Back to Boise from Seattle tonight - off to NYC in a week, for a week, back to Boise for a week or two - then on the road in mid-October maybe, and maybe a change in the markets after all the power of China, Europe and USA try to F'up the economies with protectionism. Tires and Chicken import curbs, etc.

I would say astrology aside, but Susan Miller at Astrologyzone is suggesting an across the board (all signs) facing some interesting economic changes between 9/15 and 9/23 - distill this down - in her discussion - we'll go in one way and come out another if we are flexible and willing to change with a change in circumstances...WTF

I'm heavy in Canadian Oil, Clearwire, XTXI, GE and Intel....staying that way - we'll see may have to start hedging - which requires "pick a point" accuracy and followup "worry"

Change is in the weather, the stars and in all the world economies - hope is not optimism - it is hope - a four letter word of sorts - it's a word that goes with "nothing left to lose" - "Cautious optimism" is a means nothing created in the media to say words diametrically opposed to each other.

So let's look toward good weather and feeling good - while we watch our acorn supply

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