Friday, April 30, 2010

The Baseline Scenario - (aka The REAL Domino Effect) while the PIGS choke

Portugal, Italy, Greece and Spain - countries lining up to fail - lest we speak of Ireland.  In any event - the list of Mediterranean countries begins a cancer leading into a major Depression - yes a cancer - it will move to weaken all of Europe - Africa - England (Ireland) and then there will be black water leaving the shores toward points unknown.  We are waiting to say goodbye to RECOVERY.

I have an offer in on some Real Estate here in Boise, and the owner is "thinking we are in a "re-BOOM" and I'm thinking of withdrawing my offer for the "K-boom."  I am living a very safe life and if things get worse - the less property you have and the more $$$ you have - the better life will be for awhile... Chicken Little?  Is the sky falling?

There is no solution that will save Greece - it is imprinted in their culture!