Monday, October 21, 2013

If you question my judgement

The Never List Joshua M Brown October 20th, 2013 Never sell a service or product that you cannot deliver. Never sell a service or product that the buyer doesn't absolutely need or love. Be essential or desired, not annoying and unnecessary. Never work for someone who isn't as smart as you are. Or plan your exit the moment you figure out that you have learned all you can and that you are now the smarter one. Never work for or with people with a lesser moral code than your own.

 Be aware of how your colleagues feel about doing the right thing. You should watch how they prioritize it. Once you determine that the moral failings of the people around you are systemic and indefatigable, it's time to get going. If you can fix a bad situation, by all means try. If you can't, reserve judgment and simply say goodbye. Never work in a career that relies on opacity, obfuscation, rhetorical fallacy or sleight of hand. There are plenty of people who can do this sort of work, fooling their neighbors and customers or tricking them into transactions that aren't what's in their best interests - the key is to not be one of them. Those who engage in this sort of work are either sociopathic or trapped because of financial circumstances or too stupid to have thought the consequences of their career choice all the way through.

 Never cut any corners, there is no such thing as a free lunch and everything has a cost, even if you can't see it right in front of you. Riskless reward is a desert mirage. Never pursue something that you don't really want in the first place just because you think you have to. You don't have to and it won't work out anyway. Successful people become successful because they are doing what they love and have a talent for. Never keep a bad client just because they're willing to keep paying you. Never allow a mismatched customer relationship to skew the way you do business or take care of your other clients. Never put off firing a customer the moment you realize there is a bad fit and that neither of you will be satisfied in the relationship. Life is too short to do business with unreasonable people or nice folks whom you just cannot make happy.

Never go through the motions. Find a psychologically rewarding way to go about your tasks, remind yourself constantly where the day-to-day drudgery of your job is leading. If it's leading nowhere or toward something you don't truly want, stop immediately. Don't spend a moment being busy for no good reason. Never taunt others when things are going your way, people like dealing with gracious winners who raise others up with positivity. Never burden others with your problems when things are not going your way, the amount of mileage you'll get out of pity is minimal and people will go out of their way to avoid getting involved with you. Never watch the clock or calendar. Have reasonable expectations for the timeline of your success.

If you enjoy what you're doing and are going to work with purpose each day, then what's the rush? Only people who are doing something they hate are worried about how many dollars they can rip out of the endeavor right away. Never believe for one moment that your path is already laid out for you or that you can't break away and find your own road toward happiness and success. Remember - Fate is the cards you're dealt, Destiny is how you play them.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

one man being pissed off

“The ‘envy me’ tone of American Francophiles and Italophiles announcing their travel plans.” (Essay 1, Note 3) - “More recent editions of Windows … In chasing after Apple elegance, they betray the old austere beauty of PC functionality.” (1, 3) - “a personified Mac (played by the actor Justin Long) of such insufferable smugness that he made the miseries of Windows attractive by comparison.” (1, 3) - “The restlessness of who or what is considered hip nowadays.” (1, 3) - The Internet, which “tempts everyone to be a sophisticate.” (1, 3) - “‘individualized’ Facebook pages” (1, 4) - Snark, which is “cool’s twin sibling.” (1, 4) - Salman Rushdie on Twitter. (1, 4) - n+1, “a politically committed print magazine that I respect,” which nonetheless “denigrates print magazines as terminally ‘male,’ celebrates the Internet as ‘female,’ and somehow neglects to consider the Internet’s accelerating pauperization of freelance writers.” (1, 4) - “Good lefty professors” who “start calling the corporatized Internet ‘revolutionary,’ happily embrace Apple computers, and persist in gushing about their virtues.” (1, 4) - “the Hearst papers in America.” (1, 5) - The U.S., which, along with Vienna, is “another weakened empire telling itself stories of its exceptionalism.” (1, 5) - The “total electronic distraction” that is “the actual substance of our daily lives.” (1, 5) - “Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos.” (1, 5) - “The ‘disease’ of French theory” in the hands of “mediocre American scholars” (1, 13) - Hemingway: “would he actually have had anything to say if he’d been forced to stay at home?” (1, 20) - Twitter’s “food fights”: “Who has time to read literature?” (1, 25) - Fox News. (1, 31) - “The recent tabloidization of AOL’s home page,” which caused longtime user Franzen to switch to Gmail after thirteen years. (1, 32) - Again, the “commercial Internet,” whose “number one imperative” is “to generate clicks.” (1, 32) - “The lede of a front-page Arts and Leisure piece from May 13, 2012.” (1, 33) - “Today’s cable-TV news anchors, who bring the identical tone of urgent wonderment to whatever story they happen to be following.” (1, 34) - The “retreat into subjectivity, which is the essence of the blog.” (1, 36) - J.D. Salinger (1, 47) - “Arguments from Bob Dylan fans that Dylan deserves the Nobel Prize in Literature.” (1, 47) - Writers who “report listening to Beethoven or Arcade Fire while at work. How do they pay attention to two things at once?” (1, 53) - “The front page of the New York Post.” (1, 59) - “Smart-ass adolescents … undermining substance with irony” (1, 63) - “The tyranny of niceness, in contemporary fiction, [which] is enforced by terror of the Internet and its ninth-grade social dynamics … To attempt a harsh critique of the electronic system that reduces writers to these bromides is to risk having it become common ‘knowledge’ that you’re a hater, a loner, not one of us.” (1, 86) - John Updike, for “the anal-retentive preciousness of his prose” and “his lack of interest in the bigger, postwar, postmodern, socio-technological picture … ” (1, 88) - “The word ‘personality,’ as applied to people like Paris Hilton and Charles Barkley.” (1, 93) - “The metastatic and culturally transformative technological advances of the last two decades.” (1, 93) - “High-resolution smartphone videos of dudes dropping Mentos into liter bottles of Diet Pepsi shouting ‘Whoa!’ while they geyser.” (2, 2) - Moore’s law. (1, 3) - “‘Passion’ (to use Thomas Friedman’s word in a 2013 Times column) for digital technology.” (2, 3) - The name of the Lenovo Ultrabook computer (though he’s “enchanted” with everything else about it). (2, 3) - “Twitter addicts” who called him a Luddite after he called their medium “dumb.” (2, 3) - Instant information retrieval: “Now it’s hard to get through a meal with friends without somebody reaching for an iPhone to retrieve the kind of fact it used to be the brain’s responsibility to remember.” (2, 9) - Conservative critics like Dinesh D’Souza who “directly apply the crude label ‘PC’ to work like Alice Walker’s.” (2, 16) - “Judith Miller’s shoddy reporting on WMDs.” (2, 16) - “Less scrupulous avant-gardists” who exploit the “moral hazard” whereby “literary difficulty inclines readers to excuse the writer.” (2, 25) - “The boy-novel phallicism I’d found so dangerously attractive in Gravity’s Rainbow.” (2, 26) - “The problem of Pynchonian postmodernism.” (2, 26) - The modern phenomenon of “the thousand-page biography … It’s as if being bored has become the way to reassure yourself that you’re doing serious reading, as opposed to playing Angry Birds.” (2, 48) - The wrongheaded modern assumption: “‘Personality is all just brain chemistry!’” (2, 49) - “the necessary simplifications of political praxis (‘I am right and you are wrong’).” (2, 59) - the “peaceniks” of eighties Berlin, who “struck me as hopelessly retro.” (2, 59) - the “punks” of eighties Berlin, who “were dirty, violent, and boring.” (2, 59) - A front-page article in the Times' "Business" section, August 9, 2012, announcing advances in smartphone game apps. “Aren’t we lucky that our phones are so smart now! The only thing that hasn’t changed is the tone of writers celebrating how things have changed.” (2, 67) - The Boston Globe, which “enraged me with its triviality and its shoddy proofreading and its dopily punning weather headlines” — about the last of which he wrote an angry letter to the editor. “I later devoted many pages of my second novel to making fun of what a shitty paper the Globe was.” (3, 4) - Jeff Bezos again, who “may not be the Antichrist, but he surely looks like one of the Four Horsemen.” (3, 4) - The “yakkers and tweeters and braggers” who will flourish in a world ruled by the Internet and Amazon reviews. (3, 4) - “Jennifer Weinerish self-promotion.” (3, 4) - The business models of Facebook and Twitter, “one part pyramid scheme, one part wishful thinking, and one part repugnant panoptical surveillance.” (3, 4) - “The transformation of Canada’s boreal forest into a toxic lake of tar-sand by-products, the leveling of Asia’s remaining forests for Chinese-made ultra-low-cost porch furniture at Home Depot, the damming of the Amazon and the endgame clear-cutting of its forests for beef and mineral production, the whole mind-set of ‘Screw the consequences, we want to buy a lot of crap and we want to buy it cheap, with overnight free shipping,’ and the direct connection between this American mind-set and the new Chinese prosperity that … funds the slaughter of millions of Pacific sharks for the luxury of their fins and tens of thousands of African elephants for their ivory.” (3, 4) -JONATHAN FRANZEN (who? Search) what do numbers mean....don't know

Amy Winehouse - back to black!... a music energy source!

Friday, October 11, 2013

My Girls

My Little Girl, Lily and her Dog La Nina Bonita
I trained Bonita in the desert of Arizona - she was attacked by a lone Coyote - and killed it instantly.  I knew then I has a great dog... gave her to Lily as a present - there is more to the story, but not at this time....

Wine tasting for shipping to home - supply sufficient to last me til my next trip to NYC

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Potato Leek Soup with Garlic and Red Carrots from the Farm - Rainy Day here in Brooklyn

Lily and I are making a large Pot of (all from the farm) Potato Leek Soup this am... doing other things all in preparation for the Wine Tasting Tonight - further listed on:
Later this afternoon.  Lily Echo is the owner of the shop and my only Daughter..... We will be spending the time selecting her best selections 3 of each to send back to Boise for my winter pleasure... Dandelion Wine also listed:
 Free Wine Tasting, bread and cheese every Thursday 5 to 9 pm.... actually there are bottles of wine open for tasting most times..... more later.......

I have been reminded, by several friends, that Summer is Over

To that end... The Republican Party is still with us... they are pretending "The Major Accident..." didn't happen.  I am in NYC returning to Boise after the Monday holiday.
I spent a long weekend at the family farm: A quick look at the farm pages relate pictures of what is being done and where I spent 25 years living and working as a CPA in a nearby town.

More to come... weekly posts to start until I get "Rev'd up" and disturbed by  the ignorance and arrogance of self perceived important people, the politically correct and "Outright Assholes" that cling to "good people" and bring our brains down - so we can defend and deal with outside necessities!

Remember, the good in people requires "leaving more on the table, than taking for your own needs!"  "Paying it forward" is always a good feeling.......!

The new addition to my Family since I last wrote: "Shorty" a McNab Border Collie - shorter hair... taller dog... herding dog developed to work larger livestock. Pictured at 6 mos old.

Jackpot - almost 6 year old Border Collie - wild dog mix been with me for 5 1/2 years

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


press full screen here...............................................................^

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Eat a Peach

you know the feeling... a wet nose and chin... teeth
half in and sucking the sweet juice of the flesh -
Summer is coming, hot days, the smell of a lake or
Ocean, Strawberries, Blueberries....peaches and
Melons .... OK good place to stop!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

I am resuming my posts here - on March 1st.

My March Agenda:

1st week of March - preparing for Spring - Bicycling... more activity rearranging my Garage for Kayaking, 

2nd Week of March - repairs and updates of my Truck, Rig and property

3rd week of March - Tax Returns

By then Spring should return to Boise - 

"click" on this to enlarge it then: 
Focus on this "Still" and you'll see the wheels begin to turn

Like everyone else, I have bigger plans for Spring than I'll be able to accomplish - The more the better.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Thursday, January 31, 2013

I plan on returning home before Valentines Day UPDATE below

I plan on returning about a week before Valentines day.  I have no plans - Last year I invited 2 women and 1 man over for a Wine fest - 4 people, 3 bottles of fine wine, great music and tastes... a 5 hour evening that was glorious for all.

One of my favorite Holidays. ..

Update, very hard to repeat a great we made it even greater... wonderful time....  5 people 5 bottles of wine... 6 to midnight....

Friday, January 18, 2013

There is a reason why People, Places and Things are in your past.

Friends, Places you have lived - ways of doing things that did not produce the desired results. Yet we constantly review our past, revisit our past, and go back to ways of doing things - that did not produce desired results.

My current trip was prompted by my method of travel and Vacation that included My Son's wedding.  Which was Knock Out Great!  Seeing my family, my brother and his family and the friends that we have collected who have remained in our lives.

My first destination was Boise to Albuquerque in a method of travel that put me on the road for almost 15 years. I haven't used my "Rig" in two years, yet I upgraded the interior, appliances, etc.

I wasn't on the road, out of Boise, more than an hour, that my diesel engine started to loose energy. It is obvious Fuel was not getting to the engine in proportion to the speed.

I stopped in a small town (Paul, Idaho) and found an excellent mechanic who could not find the problem - I had a redundant Fuel Filter and pump system in addition to the one that was standard eq. on the Truck.  Finally we disconnected the Redundant system, and I was back on the road - full power - ready to spend the evening in Salt Lake City.  My rig was winterized (no water or liquids in the plumbing system) - 6 degrees overnight, fog driving in, driving out, black ice.... Next stop - Las Vegas... 50 degree days and re-upped my liquid systems - not without perceived problems that I worked on until they went away.  Spent a week in LV and moved on to Flagstaff - 7200ft elevation - nice days - 10 degree nights - Winterized once again. Moved on to Albuquerque for a week of very freezing weather... The Wedding was "Oasis Time" my rig was placed on the not so important list and survived (Mostly)..... left a wonderful family time - and I am now in Elephant Butte, NM.  re-upped liquid to my rig and dealt with some minor problems - in Water and waste systems. Here I Am!

My intentions are to go on to Tucson and visit some horse people. I spent 1996 to 2005 winters there and did not see them after that (8 years)  From Tucson, I plan on Going up to Cave Creek, AZ (Northern Scottsdale/Phoenix area.) I spent 2005 to 2009 winters in that area. Friends there too!

The Lesson (to me)  - I have learned Boise is my current life and my Future - along with the friends I have developed. My Family - is ever-present. The "past" (including old out of touch friends)  and my method of traveling - is becoming irrelevant - OK, has become irrelevant!

Interesting - I have reviewed moving forward at a time I am farthest from Boise.
1,100 miles... I will work my way back Tucson - Phoenix - more southwest to California - Las Vegas - and one bad stretch Las Vegas through Salt Lake to Boise. (Or Las Vegas - Winnemucca, NV - Boise) weather choice.

A lesson learned - I'm ready to move forward -
Oh.... Jack is a wonderful traveling companion!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

There is an art to being a Trader

This was posted on one of my trading sites. Hard Tack And Beans. The Revolver? - either for suicide plays or Visual Testosterone...

Currently in Albuquerque - all the Peachin's in my "Parent's Line" my son Isaac's and Michele's wedding, My Brother David and his family @ Los Poblanos - no dogs allowed on the property - don't like "no dog" people.
IMG00010-20100506-1923.jpg by peachin
Jack on the Road

Here until early next week... moving on down I-25 Through Hatch, NM to I-10 through the "Texas Canyon" in Arizona to Tucson - for a few days. Tucson is where I winter camped with my horses, from 1996 thru 2005... great riding, etc. Then On to Cave Creek, AZ   (2005 - 2010) - no addnl plans yet.  Boise is very cold under a storm alert "Gandolf" - no hurry to get into that.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Preparing for a Left turn

.....working my way out the door...probably Thursday or Friday...although I've made this left turn more than several times before in  different is a left turn none the less. The road has always been an adventure generator...when I pull out of the driveway and hit I84 east...I will be in a whole new mindset... I drag my feet trying to get out the door.. and then like magic... voila!
"The road provides" ...Jack is well aware of what's going on - he is patient and excited...

Boise - Salt Lake - Las Vegas - Flagstaff -  Albuquerque - Tucson - Cave Creek - ?  California, Oregon, maybe... Of course, spring starts in the middle of February - Boise.  Each decision is based on weather, whether or not 

So... after publishing this post,  an "old flame" asked me when I was returning to Boise? 

I'll be back in Boise no later than summer, maybe no later than spring, maybe at the end of January - How do we know when we lead an "open end" life - I'm dealing with a multiplicity of thoughts - for example - I finally talked back to the mirror this morning - I said in no uncertain terms.  "Ok, let's quit fooling around...when does this aging process stop"  The mirror spoke back (to my shock!)  "I'll give you an idea.... "Keep Breathing!"

OK, something else is bothering me.... "Pussy"  which is it?  Weak Men or Hot Women?"  

and then:

"When was the Last Time I enjoyed a thick Crunchy Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich without feeling guilty or having a 2nd, or 3rd before I could stop?

There are more... but these are examples of my most pressing issues..... and what about Money, What about it? .... exactly! ... no matter how things have changed in my life - I remember worrying about money, more than I care to examine, over the past 50 years... and what difference did it make - none.

Money is More addictive than "Pussy" and the best Peanut Butter Sandwich I ever erected.  Speaking about Erections - I just started to laugh out loud.
What's more important a good erection or financial Security?  You see, it's a big confusing circle of Life - and then when the Mirror speaks up - well... everything "gets placed on the table"  So, you see - I'm dealing with... "matters of importance.... serious matters!"

This "Old Flame" isn't just around the corner - In Boise - She's thousands of miles away - "Trap Married!" I guess I don't want to hear her "List"  "What am I a Fantasy?"

Jack sees that "I'm Wired" ... he looks up and Says... "How we doin' Pops?"

Speaking of Fantasies:

I should be in Las Vegas on New Years eve (what better place to deal with issues)

My Annual New Years Eve Wish List:

It goes without saying, that this is a meal requiring time between courses - and savoring all of the flavors - mind you - going back for seconds at any juncture requires more time indeed.
I would guess that to enjoy this properly 6 to 12 hours would be about right.


Hummus - double the Garlic

On crushed Ice, hold the salt, Low Ball Glass
and of course to quench our thirst.....

BTW - The proper way to drink 1554 is in a wine glass - my opinion
I would have preferred a large bowl, thin stem, Burgundy
wine glass - Hornitos and 1554 go well together (paired)
There are many fine Belgium Dark beers... after trying
all the small breweries in my travels this Belgium
Dark had the best finish - chocolaty* - if you will
N/B 1554 is not sold on east coast
...........and finally

Just before Dawn

A favorite New Year's Eve Menu all of my favorites
 all vegan!

Disappointed in Me?  How would you improve on this menu if you were planning your own?

 Every hormone released in this menu is in the Chocolate Family. Broccoli?.....use your imagination - this menu was created by mine. 

ps. This menu includes every drug that I recommend "for the good life" - each has it's own intensity - not into drugs?  Well, each to his (her) own.....HAPPY NEW YEAR - God Bless America!

ps. As we age... everything becomes overripe, like the sugar in a Banana, but my "virtual objects" seem to have the same age year after year... just like a good dream.  

I hope you enjoyed today's Rant.... I'm off to Christmas Dinner at my favorite Neighbors - 2 couples - some of their friends - the Chefs' Two sisters of Mexican Heritage:

We are starting with Chili Relllenos, 3 Bottles of Masi Valpolicella, Spicy Black Bean/Sweet Potatoes, couple of Corona six packs,  Hot Pulled Pork Lasagna - no pasta in layers - a combo of mild chili sauce, Garlic everywhere, cheese, sliced Italian tomatoes  flat tortilla layers. Beans, etc. and some side dishes ...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.... if you find any offense in the use of language, pictures - it's who I am. And none of it is more offensive than The Republican Tea Party - which is no party at all! 

Friday, December 21, 2012

Men's Health Magazine: Boise picked the Best City for Men to Live

We arrived at Boise after a long journey measured not in miles traveled but in numbers crunched. All told, we delved into more than a dozen data sources in order to assemble city rankings in 38 different criteria, including everything from air quality to unemployment, cost of living to death rates. We factored in property crime and criminally long commute times. We even took into account the ratio of single men to single women. (After all, what's a great town if you can't enjoy it with a great woman?) But as much as this is Boise's time to shine, the rest of America's men don't need to rush there again. We've unearthed five nuggets of wisdom that will enrich your life no matter where you live. 

1. Boise, ID
Health: A-
Quality of Life: A-
Fitness: B+

2. San Jose, CA
Health: A+
Quality of Life: C
Fitness: A

3. San Francisco, CA
Health: A-
Quality of Life: C+
Fitness: A

4. Plano, TX
Health: A+
Quality of Life: C+
Fitness: B

5. Seattle, WA
Health: A+
Quality of Life: C-
Fitness: A-

6. Burlington, VT
Health: A+
Quality of Life: A-
Fitness: C

7. Austin, TX
Health: B-
Quality of Life: B
Fitness: A+

8. Salt Lake City, UT
Health: A+
Quality of Life: C
Fitness: B

9. Madison, WI
Health: B+
Quality of Life: A-
Fitness: B-

10. Portland, OR
Health: B+
Quality of Life: C-
Fitness: B+

One weak pussy - Needs to fall on his sword - let's move on


Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Fig!

Big Year at Dandelion Wine...... daddy's little girl
That's her DFWM Look! She's on the cutting edge of something big
Watch out!  Greenpoint Entrepreneur of the Year!

there she is - the little girl in "pink" cute and innocent

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Monday, December 17, 2012

Keret’s house is only 4 feet wide but 30 feet high and 30 feet deep

Etgar Keret’s house is only 4 feet wide but that’s all he needs. He’s also one of my favorite short story writers. I just finished his collection, Suddenly a Knock at  the Door. I can’t tell if he’s insane, a magic realist, someone who is constantly beaten by life and bad relationships, or simply a great writer. Probably all of the above. I found on the blog, rookiemag, his 10 rules of Writing. For me, #9 is the most important in terms of the psychology of writing. Not only for writing  but for everything you endeavor to do in life. #4 is probably the most valuable tip for actual writing. And for starting a business. Always think from the middle and work outwards.

- James Altucher - rest of the story:

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Scents and Perfumes - their dirty little secret!

Who is watching the Store? High Priced French Perfumes are balking against new proposed laws restricting many ingredients that contain allergens and potential carcinogens. Enormous Fortunes have been accumulated around the world in the Scent and Perfume industries.

 "PARIS - Luxury perfume brands fear the European Union is about to introduce measures that could cripple the $25 billion global industry in the name of protecting consumers against allergies"...

"Since its creation in 1973, the IFRA, which is financed by scent makers such as Givaudan, New York-listed International Flavors & Fragrances, and Germany's Symrise, has restricted natural ingredients for a range of health reasons, from worries about allergic reactions to cancer concerns."

The international Perfume Industry is in an uproar as a result of proposed new laws.

Can you imagine all the cheap perfumes used in your daily products that are "Killing You Slowly!"

Actually if you are not "Scent Free" you are fucking yourself daily!

Friday, December 14, 2012

"In a small town like this ..........." Children Dead - How Sad! .. draws the life out of all.....

How do we define Terrorism.  How to hurt... go after the children... the young ones. - The holidays.... how many people went out to buy the pistols today.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Austin Peachin - cruising his shared Farm

Austin's beginnings of "His Farm" his way... The Lure of the Charlotte Creek and the beginnings of the "Creekwalk" Nature's introduction. The "Creekwalk" (wet or dry) is one of our Family treasures. - Star Route Farm NY, Charlotteville, New York

Monday, December 10, 2012

Why are all the "Cutting Edge" T/A people Talking AAPL

Update 12/14 - apparently most of AAPL cash is in foreign countries, not taxed here and cannot be brought in to pay dividends, w/o paying taxes on the "bring in"
Apple is now basing at $512 area which is S3 (pivot point) - purchased a small taste at $513

Update: 12/10 @ 1pm est...

Google offering $99 Samsung Series 5 Chromebooks to public schools... with support!

Stock update: $AAPL headed toward S1 @ $523 - Maybe downward toward S2 just above $513 where I plan to "take a taste"  

Apple $AAPL not long ago a $700 stock is working its way toward $500 quickly. Why is this Happening: 

 1. I guess it started with a "Mapping" product that broke its legs coming out of the "gate." Apple has increased their desire to eliminate "Google Anything" from their products. The largest company in the world - began to show their fear as Google and Samsung (their two biggest software and hardware rivals) put on pressure in the market place - spending money on law suits vs. product development. Personally, I own a Samsung Note 2, and I understand why this is happening.

2. Apple holding over $100 Billion in cash should be giving a one time dividend before 12/31 because of tax laws - it is silent on the subject. Shows inflexibility on their part for the shareholders. So Let's up it a notch: Fuck the customer, fuck the shareholders and show everyone why Steve Jobs is missed and not really replaced. 
Apple to the customers and Shareholders - this is
the best you are going to get.... "We're starting
this as our first product assembled in USA!" - apple

3.  Apple will begin to build one of their products (actually assemble foreign components) in the United States. Apple is starting with $100 Million and 200 employees - Quite a commitment(?)

4. Finally, and most important the Stock has been trading (Orderly) on a Technical distribution - more sellers than buyers passing through various moving averages (even a "Death Cross" (the 200 day moving average dropping below the 50 day moving average this past week at $533. The Next support (where the stock can be salvaged would be at about $503... I will not get into its classic moves in Fibonacci Retracement supports on its way to a next lower support - and maybe not moving. If the support at $503 doesn't hold it will find itself at the $450+ area. What is $AAPL's problem - Leadership at the top. Most people in business would say no one is irreplaceable - we see the stock price as a reflection that Steve Jobs is greatly missed.

I have a standing order in (a taste @ $513) at $503 an entry order representing about 33% of a full position which would be attained if support at $503 is more than a pass through thing. 

Apple has not waned in producing great profits and will probably do the same when the bell rings on this quarter. 

For Lindsey Graham as the republicans continue to tell stories that are not true.