Monday, December 10, 2012

Why are all the "Cutting Edge" T/A people Talking AAPL

Update 12/14 - apparently most of AAPL cash is in foreign countries, not taxed here and cannot be brought in to pay dividends, w/o paying taxes on the "bring in"
Apple is now basing at $512 area which is S3 (pivot point) - purchased a small taste at $513

Update: 12/10 @ 1pm est...

Google offering $99 Samsung Series 5 Chromebooks to public schools... with support!

Stock update: $AAPL headed toward S1 @ $523 - Maybe downward toward S2 just above $513 where I plan to "take a taste"  

Apple $AAPL not long ago a $700 stock is working its way toward $500 quickly. Why is this Happening: 

 1. I guess it started with a "Mapping" product that broke its legs coming out of the "gate." Apple has increased their desire to eliminate "Google Anything" from their products. The largest company in the world - began to show their fear as Google and Samsung (their two biggest software and hardware rivals) put on pressure in the market place - spending money on law suits vs. product development. Personally, I own a Samsung Note 2, and I understand why this is happening.

2. Apple holding over $100 Billion in cash should be giving a one time dividend before 12/31 because of tax laws - it is silent on the subject. Shows inflexibility on their part for the shareholders. So Let's up it a notch: Fuck the customer, fuck the shareholders and show everyone why Steve Jobs is missed and not really replaced. 
Apple to the customers and Shareholders - this is
the best you are going to get.... "We're starting
this as our first product assembled in USA!" - apple

3.  Apple will begin to build one of their products (actually assemble foreign components) in the United States. Apple is starting with $100 Million and 200 employees - Quite a commitment(?)

4. Finally, and most important the Stock has been trading (Orderly) on a Technical distribution - more sellers than buyers passing through various moving averages (even a "Death Cross" (the 200 day moving average dropping below the 50 day moving average this past week at $533. The Next support (where the stock can be salvaged would be at about $503... I will not get into its classic moves in Fibonacci Retracement supports on its way to a next lower support - and maybe not moving. If the support at $503 doesn't hold it will find itself at the $450+ area. What is $AAPL's problem - Leadership at the top. Most people in business would say no one is irreplaceable - we see the stock price as a reflection that Steve Jobs is greatly missed.

I have a standing order in (a taste @ $513) at $503 an entry order representing about 33% of a full position which would be attained if support at $503 is more than a pass through thing. 

Apple has not waned in producing great profits and will probably do the same when the bell rings on this quarter. 

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