Friday, December 7, 2012

A Woman asks, Where have all the Cowboys gone?

The Cowboy (if there are any left) believes in The Golden Rule
along with 3 absolutes:
Trust, Loyalty and Honesty!
and 3 needs:
Patience, Understanding and Forgiveness!

He gets all of these qualities from his Horse and his Dog.

If he has children - They get the "Benefit of the Doubt"

If a woman is lucky enough to find her Cowboy - she will put the "finish" on him so he can be the best he can be - that's what he did for his horse and dog - maybe even his children

OK - let's open this door:

Sonny, my best horse ever... Billybob up with me.

Precious - now lives in The Flattop Wilderness
leading a packhorse team - lost her there in a thunder
storm and 6 weeks later they found her - a gift to them.

Bonita is now my daughter Lily's dog - Lily stole Bonita
from me - or maybe Bonita Stole lily's heart and liked
living under the covers.... Bointa was a wetback from
Mexico - in traveling, she was attacked by a Coyote
and killed it dead to right! Bonita taught me how to train dogs.

Ivan - on the road with me several years - grew
him from a "pup" retired early for his sake.

Stroller - My last horse - fast and smooth, living in western Utah on a Ranch

Jackpot (jack) the most exciting dog I have ever trained he is now 4 years old
and is currently sitting under my chair as I type.......... my best dog ever!

As for women.... it produces this between two people

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