Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Preparing for a Left turn

.....working my way out the door...probably Thursday or Friday...although I've made this left turn more than several times before in  different settings...it is a left turn none the less. The road has always been an adventure generator...when I pull out of the driveway and hit I84 east...I will be in a whole new mindset... I drag my feet trying to get out the door.. and then like magic... voila!
"The road provides" ...Jack is well aware of what's going on - he is patient and excited...

Boise - Salt Lake - Las Vegas - Flagstaff -  Albuquerque - Tucson - Cave Creek - ?  California, Oregon, maybe... Of course, spring starts in the middle of February - Boise.  Each decision is based on weather, whether or not 

So... after publishing this post,  an "old flame" asked me when I was returning to Boise? 

I'll be back in Boise no later than summer, maybe no later than spring, maybe at the end of January - How do we know when we lead an "open end" life - I'm dealing with a multiplicity of thoughts - for example - I finally talked back to the mirror this morning - I said in no uncertain terms.  "Ok, let's quit fooling around...when does this aging process stop"  The mirror spoke back (to my shock!)  "I'll give you an idea.... "Keep Breathing!"

OK, something else is bothering me.... "Pussy"  which is it?  Weak Men or Hot Women?"  

and then:

"When was the Last Time I enjoyed a thick Crunchy Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich without feeling guilty or having a 2nd, or 3rd before I could stop?

There are more... but these are examples of my most pressing issues..... and what about Money, What about it? .... exactly! ... no matter how things have changed in my life - I remember worrying about money, more than I care to examine, over the past 50 years... and what difference did it make - none.

Money is More addictive than "Pussy" and the best Peanut Butter Sandwich I ever erected.  Speaking about Erections - I just started to laugh out loud.
What's more important a good erection or financial Security?  You see, it's a big confusing circle of Life - and then when the Mirror speaks up - well... everything "gets placed on the table"  So, you see - I'm dealing with... "matters of importance.... serious matters!"

This "Old Flame" isn't just around the corner - In Boise - She's thousands of miles away - "Trap Married!" I guess I don't want to hear her "List"  "What am I a Fantasy?"

Jack sees that "I'm Wired" ... he looks up and Says... "How we doin' Pops?"

Speaking of Fantasies:

I should be in Las Vegas on New Years eve (what better place to deal with issues)

My Annual New Years Eve Wish List:

It goes without saying, that this is a meal requiring time between courses - and savoring all of the flavors - mind you - going back for seconds at any juncture requires more time indeed.
I would guess that to enjoy this properly 6 to 12 hours would be about right.


Hummus - double the Garlic

On crushed Ice, hold the salt, Low Ball Glass
and of course to quench our thirst.....

BTW - The proper way to drink 1554 is in a wine glass - my opinion
I would have preferred a large bowl, thin stem, Burgundy
wine glass - Hornitos and 1554 go well together (paired)
There are many fine Belgium Dark beers... after trying
all the small breweries in my travels this Belgium
Dark had the best finish - chocolaty* - if you will
N/B 1554 is not sold on east coast
...........and finally

Just before Dawn

A favorite New Year's Eve Menu all of my favorites
 all vegan!

Disappointed in Me?  How would you improve on this menu if you were planning your own?

 Every hormone released in this menu is in the Chocolate Family. Broccoli?.....use your imagination - this menu was created by mine. 

ps. This menu includes every drug that I recommend "for the good life" - each has it's own intensity - not into drugs?  Well, each to his (her) own.....HAPPY NEW YEAR - God Bless America!

ps. As we age... everything becomes overripe, like the sugar in a Banana, but my "virtual objects" seem to have the same age year after year... just like a good dream.  

I hope you enjoyed today's Rant.... I'm off to Christmas Dinner at my favorite Neighbors - 2 couples - some of their friends - the Chefs' Two sisters of Mexican Heritage:

We are starting with Chili Relllenos, 3 Bottles of Masi Valpolicella, Spicy Black Bean/Sweet Potatoes, couple of Corona six packs,  Hot Pulled Pork Lasagna - no pasta in layers - a combo of mild chili sauce, Garlic everywhere, cheese, sliced Italian tomatoes  flat tortilla layers. Beans, etc. and some side dishes ...

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.... if you find any offense in the use of language, pictures - it's who I am. And none of it is more offensive than The Republican Tea Party - which is no party at all! 

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