Friday, February 13, 2009

The following is the beginning of my list of (to be developed) Core Holdings:

Berkshire Hathaway
Natural Gas
Dow Chemical

My only concern is whether to start accumulating when the Dow 30 falls to 7500 or 6000 (update 2-18-09) we were very close to 7500 yesterday, which is a double bottom to the previous low in Nov 22, 08. A natural resistence, however, other non-market issues are far from predicting a "blood bath" low - so, breaking 7000 looks bright and maybe a 6800 low - need lots of Volume and blood on the streets -
and "good news" for a pull out.)

I currently have call options on GE, INTC and DOW and positions in PWE (Oil) XTXI (gas transmission) These positions represent 25% of my LqNW (liquid net worth) the remainder is in Money Markets.

Congress - One of the most powerful - considered the most responsible for our current economic condition - Phil Gramm - never trust this kind of smile

As chairman of the Senate Banking Committee from 1995 through 2000, Gramm was Washington's outspoken champion of deregulation. And he got it, by playing a lead role in the writing and passage of the 1999 repeal of the Depression-era Glass-Steagall Act, which had separated commercial banks from Wall Street. Then he inserted a provision into the 2000 Commodity Futures Modernization Act that exempted derivatives like credit-default swaps from regulation.

he was financed by the 8 largest Investment banker's lobbyists - Bear Stearns, Merrill Lynch, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, etc....... - Time Magazine

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Five Rules for Life - Published Daily - Start the day

The Featured "Five Rules" of the Week is selected by the editor, possibly with input from random strangers. The criteria is simple - I [we] liked it.

This week's featured submitter is Brian Johnson. Brian is a marketing consultant and professional speaker; he has presented to crowds that number in the thousands, but he is most proud of being a husband and father of two beautiful daughters.

1.) Challenge yourself.
Set goals that make you s-t-r-e-t-c-h. It is a cop-out to make things too easy - always take it to the next level and don't be afraid to fail. I would rather fail trying to do something that made me expand my abilities and work harder than I ever thought I could rather than succeed at doing something I knew I could accomplish with my eyes closed.

2.) Make yourself a brand.
Sit down and decide what you want to be, and what you want people to associate with you. Map it out and then work hard to make it a reality. When people think of me they think of three things: someone that helps organizations with their image and messaging; a captivating and entertaining speaker; a loving husband and father. That is my brand. Who are you?

3.) Realize that happiness isn't something you "obtain".
The sooner you realize that happiness is not something you obtain like a piece of furniture or a job, the more likely you are to achieve it. Most people think they will be happy if they get a promotion, make a sale, start a relationship with someone, or buy a certain kind of car. But happiness is created, not acquired. Have you ever wondered why - as a general rule - people with less are happier than people with more?

4.) Live responsibly.
This has many meanings to me - but basically it means don't ignore injustices, treat others with respect, do what is right for the world and environment, and quit thinking it is "someone else's" job.

5.) Get a dog.
A dog loves you unconditionally. A dog thinks you are the greatest, coolest, smartest, most successful person in the world. Get a dog and work hard to live up to its expectations.

Brian currently resides in New York City.

Taken from a website that provides, daily, some peoples rules http