Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Olive Oil vs. Almond Oil - I prefer Almond Oil, mostly

Olive oil has more uses and a greater production than almond oil, but the oils do share similarities in uses and benefits. Both oils provide a flavorful additive for cooks, are a good source of healthy fat and contain cosmetic benefits

Olive Oil

Oils vary in weight and may be pale yellow to deep green depending on fruit used and processing.
cooking, salad dressings, saute, pan fry, sear, deep fry, stir fry, grill, broil, baking
Extra Virgin -320°F
Virgin - 
Pomace -
Extra Light -
Almond Oil

Has a subtle toasted almond aroma and flavor.
Used in sauté and stir fry of Oriental foods.


Last 2 are smoking point (grilling) F/C

Monounsaturated Fats - Usually come from seeds or nuts such as Almonds, avocado, olive, peanut, and canola oils. These fats are liquid at room temperature.

Canola Oil is banned from my usage and will not order from restaurant, or grocery store product - with Canola oil as an ingredient - search it and find out why. Not that what was suspected was found untrue, but controversy always has a thread of truth... just has a sorted past and possibly a lubricating oil for machinery - still in question. ps. I use canola oil as an additive to my chain saw - chain lubricant

Health benefits of Olive Oil slightly outweigh Almond Oil - but just very slightly.
Almond Oil provides an added tast to eggs, pancakes and other grilled ingredients.

Sauteing for Italian food and some French food is where Olive Oil shines.  Olive oil, however is a tampered product by producers and is very seldom pure. Some have natural byproducts that can be irritating -  See: 

I have a pump spray filled with Almond Oil (like a Pam aerosol can)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Spring Break Part 2

Still on spring break.  All in one week: My clothes washer died and so did 2 computers - a new one and the backup - lucky for me, I still have a 3rd (thought it would have been the first to go)

gone (but home) through mother's day - then maybe I'll continue spring break or ?????

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Tinkering with The Bible

As you all know, The Bible was written by men - giving their opinions on many levels of morality - of who Jesus was, What Jesus said, etc. The writings and interpretations of The Bible are being reviewed. Changing such words as Men to People. Changing Such terms as the divinity of Mary and — by extension — the birth of Jesus - The concept of the Immaculate Conception - doesn't really work - and "The Virgin Mary" .... well, they are now considering "The Young Maiden, Mary". ( Reference: http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/42215497/ns/us_news-life/ )

Let's face it - The Bible, is and always was, written by Men to control their women, children and weaker men - keep them in line (like sheep) - CONTROL!

So now, we see they (newer men seeking to clear up inequities) are rewriting The Bible - to keep relevance to who we are today and to keep control of their flock.

I have had several chance meetings with God - my horse Sonny, was my witness - God was an energy, a presence - not a Jesus nor any other representation of Human Character. Beware of who you listen to - as they might have other reasons (more personal to them) in trying to sway you!

No Disrespect - Easter, Good Friday, Christmas - have only value to those who are caught up in being under the control of others.

In Finality, They Say 'It's not rewriting. It's retranslating.'

Bullshit comes in many forms - 

Why aren't as many as 5,000 priests from the Catholic Church in Jail - sodomy charges against, and payoffs from the Church.....?

Are these the only incidents that can be pointed at?

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"Sell in May and come back again on St Ledger's Day." **

** Was the last major horse race in England - usually - mid-September.

More recently, wall street has changed it to "Sell in May and Go Away"
meaning till after labor day.

It's an old Stock Market adage - and has been true enough to be followed by many (on vacation) to this day.
In a more modernistic sense - there is a market symbol for "intense trading volatility" called the VIX  It is calculated daily - and when in the high 20's to mid 30's - can create a trading (winning or losing) bonanza of great proportion.  A lack of Volume (Summer doldrums) generally keeps the VIX low and the markets subject to downward manipulation and/or a going nowhere attitude.

Intel Reported earnings yesterday and has replenished enthusiasm in the markets this morning - has caused me great happiness - as one must note in my prior posts

Will close remaining 210 Intel Calls (options representing 21,000 shares)  this early am.... - hopefully before the world comes to an end and the market falls apart!

Update: Closed 210 Intel calls - out +++... Increased 150 Call options in Sprint to 175
Sprint 3.00 Jan 2013 Call options - no other holdings - hopefully cash till Fall 2011 unless
SSO moves to 63 then will buy put options.

......back to my spring break.

Whoa!!! The Full Moon Effect - w/ spring rushing in.... where are my meds...?
My fantasies have always exceeded my reach.

Friday, April 15, 2011

A little Happiness can go a long way - too much Happiness will make you sic

"Black Magic Cake" - From The Boise Co-op - "The Devil Made me do it!" remember this cake (sans the fruit) Darryl took 1/2 home Lucky Guy! Most very rich chocolate cakes are dense - the "magic" in this cake is it's lightness and it moistness - how did they do that?  Very Sinful, very....!

Saturday, April 9, 2011

La Fig est dramatique

She was once a little farm girl but now - Wow!
Spent some time in Paris and became a Femme Fatale
now she is just a Brooklyn Girl! - always daddy's
little girl...... UB the best~ ! Happy B'Day 4/22


Orphaned at 4months and rejected twice

Born and rejected by his family in Idaho
sent to Idaho Humane Society when he was 4 months old
Rejected by two previous adopters prior to being
left in cell # 2033 at the Humane Society until
I walked by him once, than again, I was looking
for a female - I went back to the desk and asked
for the possibility of a female - somewhere
I walked back into the kennel and walked by
him again, then he looked at me just like the
picture - OK, OK - you got me!

Today, at 2 1/2 years old, understands
maybe 100 words and expressions and acts upon them
and many body, eye and arm/hand signals
whata boy!

I knew, right away, I hit the Jackpot, and named!

you gotta know when you hit the jackpot, nothin like it!
I love Jack!

Friday, April 8, 2011

INTC + SSO puts

Closed 1/2 position in INTC Calls for ++
market should weaken towards end of day because of all the assholes in the Republican Party - it's very hard to change an enormous ship quickly - Anything to discredit Obama - it's so immature - but never forget how ignorant more than half of the USA is! Yes, "Thick and ignorant - and arrogant about it to boot!"  America's Polyester deep fried fat folks!"
SSO closed SSO Puts for ++ 

Current Holding 1/2 Remaining Intc calls.  150 Sprint Calls - long term 2013

Friday, April 1, 2011


Began my entry into SSO puts - This market is "tweetered" out.  On the other hand This is the beginning of earnings season. Where the premature ejaculators of Wall Street - Push the whole market with any ++ news which is sure to come out.  back to the hand we're dealt - this could be a "sell" on the Good news and we are
probably entering a "Classic Sell in May and go Away"

40 SSO 5/21/2011 56 P