Wednesday, April 20, 2011

"Sell in May and come back again on St Ledger's Day." **

** Was the last major horse race in England - usually - mid-September.

More recently, wall street has changed it to "Sell in May and Go Away"
meaning till after labor day.

It's an old Stock Market adage - and has been true enough to be followed by many (on vacation) to this day.
In a more modernistic sense - there is a market symbol for "intense trading volatility" called the VIX  It is calculated daily - and when in the high 20's to mid 30's - can create a trading (winning or losing) bonanza of great proportion.  A lack of Volume (Summer doldrums) generally keeps the VIX low and the markets subject to downward manipulation and/or a going nowhere attitude.

Intel Reported earnings yesterday and has replenished enthusiasm in the markets this morning - has caused me great happiness - as one must note in my prior posts

Will close remaining 210 Intel Calls (options representing 21,000 shares)  this early am.... - hopefully before the world comes to an end and the market falls apart!

Update: Closed 210 Intel calls - out +++... Increased 150 Call options in Sprint to 175
Sprint 3.00 Jan 2013 Call options - no other holdings - hopefully cash till Fall 2011 unless
SSO moves to 63 then will buy put options.

......back to my spring break.

Whoa!!! The Full Moon Effect - w/ spring rushing in.... where are my meds...?
My fantasies have always exceeded my reach.

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