Thursday, September 29, 2011

Boise This Weekend

Well Smack Dab in the middle of the Weekend - Noon-thirty - Boise and Nevada begin a "rivalry" game - as Nevada tarnished Boise Last Year from reaching the top.

Since a Majority of the town will be shopping for Bud and Bags of Chips - filling their Gas grills to roast weenies and hamburger - not much will be going on between Friday Night and the beginning of their "Tailgate Parties"
happening in driveways and parking lots throughout Boise and the Surrounding towns.  Added to the "healthy mix" of food and Drink has been lots of Tequila lately - and they wonder why they think they need 3D glasses to watch the blurred screens. They'll be busy "Belching, farting, and lovin'-up their neighbors" as we trounce Nevada (hopefully) - Oh yes,
Sunday is recovery and reset for those employed.

Does a Majority people in the "Deep South" - Love to Hate?

Police in Alabama are getting ready to enforce what is considered by many as the toughest immigration law in the United States.
Beginning Thursday, authorities can question people suspected of being in the country illegally and hold them without bond, and officials can check the immigration status of students in public schools, Gov. Robert Bentley said.
Those two key aspects of Alabama's new law were upheld by a federal judge (remember the Federal Judge is also a "good ol' boy" - the federal judge in a federal court in Alabama and probably a resident "of the south." on Wednesday.
The governor said parts of the law take effect immediately.
"Today Judge Blackburn upheld the majority of our law," Gov. Robert Bentley said in a brief statement he delivered outside the State Capitol in Montgomery, The New York Times reported. "With those parts that were upheld, we have the strongest immigration law in the country."
However, he also said that the law "was never de­signed to hurt fellow human beings," according to theMontgomery Advertiser. "As a physician, I would never ask a sick per­son if she was legal or illegal. But as governor of this state, it is my sworn duty to uphold this state's laws, and that is what I intend to do," Bentley said.
Left standing were several key elements that help make the Alabama law stricter than similar laws passed in Arizona, Utah, Indiana and Georgia. Other federal judges have blocked all or parts of those.

It's time for normal people to stop traveling to the South, for American Companies to stop expanding and employing in the South and possibly (since those folks are "Creationists") time for god to withdraw oxygen in the South! (incuding Arizona, Utah (LDS Country) Indiana (uber-white folks) and Gerogia(?)


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Monday, September 26, 2011

The Tao of Missing a Trade

Whichever the way the wind blows,
Whichever the way the world goes,
Is perfectly all right with me!
When you don’t care about missing something, it makes it so much easier not to miss it.
This is natural law or Taoist as Smullyan might say. Some are born understanding this while some learn it in time while still others never quite manage to figure it out.
In trading, missing the trade gracefully is as much a part of the craft as executing.
The beauty of it is that there is always another setup coming around the bend so the missed trade is really nothing more than one more opportunity not to chase.
ppearlman - StockTwits

Mama, don't let your babies grow up to be Cowboys!

Wouldn't it be nice when a child is born their
DNA is sent to Harvard - for acceptance
or some other school of your choice - If
accepted the school would send you a schedule
of what schools (K -12) your child should go to
then immediately send you an annual bill to cover
all of the expenses through Post Graduate
education - It would be accumulated with interest
accruing to the balance - and allow everyone some
comfort - including the schools. There would be
summer camps also included to review your child's
growth with adjustments going forward. Refunds
plus accrued interest would be granted for cause.
(ie. Death of child - serious change of conditions
determined by parents - any change toward the
child's development would have to be
accommodated by the school - special needs, etc.
 - parents could be released easier than the school -
 creating a sort of insurance policy for the parents )

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Republican Operatives Start the Rumor by asking a question: "Will Obama Seek Reelection"

And then answering with the reasons - and finalizing their answers - being President Should be Fun - Have you seen pictures of Michelle Obama - Does She look Happy?

The Republican Operatives - relate that the Democrats are placing distance between them and the President. All of the minorities are disenchanted, except African Americans... blah, blah, blah.

This is a country that Dishonesty, theft, greed, and spin control national thinking - sad for sure....

My mother always said, in questioning "Why, under observation - is what's happening ... is happening?" - her answer - "Everyone gets what they deserve!" Sway, ignorance, prejudice, Big Money, etc - RULE!

Rumor started by Dick Morris - Republican Operative:

"As bad news piles up for the Democrats, I asked a top Democratic strategist if it were possible that President Obama might “pull a Lyndon Johnson” and soberly face the cameras, telling America that he has decided that the demands of partisan politics are interfering with his efforts to right our economy and that he has decided to withdraw to devote full time to our recovery. His answer: “Yes. It’s possible. If things continue as they are and have not turned around by January, it is certainly possible.”
Remainder of writeup:

Friday, September 23, 2011

Boise This Weekend

Boise, ID : City fromt the Train Depot
The Circus has arrived in Boise - "The Greatest Show On Earth - for the weekend. The temperature is still in the low 90's during the day.  Humidity is low, no rain for quite awhile, however rivers are above season level. Saturday at 6pm Boise State University' s first home game - town will be empty. Sunday - Boise's first annual Hemp festival - should be interesting. Labeled "The H.O.P.E Festival (Hemp offers people everything) and there will be Vendors At Julia Davis Park - Jack and I will be going (we will be clean of "Arrest-ables")  What do you suppose the vendors will be selling. Finally, Saturday is projected to have a high of 95 Degrees. 

So...does talking with hands mean something?

I may be vile and pernicious
But you can’t look away
I make you think I’m delicious
With the stuff that I say
I am the best you can get
Have you guessed me yet?
I am the slime oozin out
From your tv set

Thursday, September 22, 2011

thanks Jocelyn

Elizabeth Warren - too good for America to understand

She is running for the Senate in Massachusetts
She is hated by the Republican Power - they are
Happy with Scott Brown a pawn and Republican
who won Ted Kennedy's seat.
Who is she... Do your own search - too Lazy?
then you'll get what you deserve - see it in the
mirror, in your life, in your disappointments and
in your loser appraisal of yourself.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Brooklyn to Rio - Dandelion Wine Bag - bag the world's wine

Dandelion Wine Baggu Bags are Back
$28 - (1-347-689-4563)DANDELION WINE BAGGU BAGS ARE BACK!  $28Dandelion Wine goes to Rio!

shameless reference to My daughter's Wine
store in Greenpoint, Brooklyn, NY. check out
the reviews in "Yelp" "Dandelion Wine"

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tequila shooters with Beer chasers - Revisited


I hooked up with the wrong group (wrong only in their energy and youth) after the Boise game. We spent the remainder of the night challenging the Moon. Hornitos - 2nd day of recovery... If there is a Championship in BSU's future - I'll do it again, otherwise, I learned my lesson . If you kept my card - thanks Angel!

Friday, September 16, 2011

James Carville to Obama: Draw your gun and Shoot - Carville: Obama Will Lose Unless He Prosecutes Wall Street Fraud

Leading Democratic Strategist: Obama Will Lose Unless He Prosecutes Fraud and Fires His Horrible Advisers. Tuesday, leading Democratic strategist James Carville – who served as Bill Clinton’s lead strategist – said that Obama will lose the election unless he fires his horrible advisors and cabinet members and prosecutes fraud:
Carville’s advice: “Fire. Indict. Fight.”
Obama must fire someone – “No – fire a lot of people” — because the current team is just not working, Carville wrote.
“This may be news to you but this is not going well,” he wrote. “For precedent, see Russian Army 64th division at Stalingrad. There were enough deaths at Stalingrad to make the entire tea party collectively orgasm.”
Following the precedent of Bill Clinton, who fired many people in 1994, Ronald Reagan, who fired most of his campaign staff in 1980, and George W. Bush, who showed Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld the door, would give Americans a sense that Obama is actually trying to do something to fix the economy, Carville added.
“It’s not going to work with the same team, the same strategy, and the same excuses,” he wrote.
His next piece of advice is to indict people and hold them responsible for the country’s current economic state. If Attorney General Eric Holder can’t offer good explanations as to the state of these investigations, “fire him too.”
“Demand answers to why no one has been indicted,” he wrote. “Mr. President, people are livid. Tell people that you, too, are angry and sickened by the irresponsible actions on Wall Street that caused so much suffering. Do not accept excuses. Demand action now.”

Way back, yes from "The Big Push" - "At least 5000 people on Wall Street need to go to Jail and have 1/2 their entire wealth confiscated" The other 1/2 to be put in trust for their family. If they try to hide their money - Take it all! I'm willing to send him, free of charge - My Pearl Handled Black Six Shooter!

What am I going to tell my grandson, when we look back at these times and talk about opportunities?

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Saturn blocked by robotic space craft
Between what's happpening in outer space
and at the bottom of the ocean, we certainly
must be missing something - lots of somethings

Evolution of a Trader

Evolution of a trader comes from minimizing the distance between what one should do (strategy) and what one actually does (execution)

From HCTP - thanks

Thursday, September 15, 2011

How does BIG money, make BIGGER money - with just Leverage

Intel borrows $1.5 billion at less than 2% to buyback Stock paying 4% dividend - heading into that announcement - holding 20,000 share (200) call options Jan 2012

UPDATE: Closed out this position at 2:30pm for ++ - have order in at .15 lower before the close of trading and out and back in for $+$3M if a pattern exists.  Also have a order on SDS (2X inverse short $spy) at low for the day.

program your brain for every possible technical move, reprogram over time until your gut picks up the pattern and gives you a's that easy
getting out quickly on a bad call - that takes genius.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Elizabeth Warren - A woman all can admire!

Harvard law professor Elizabeth Warren, who helped create the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, plans to announce her bid for U.S. Senate against Sen. Scott Brown (R-Mass.) on Wednesday.

"The Pressure on middle class families are worse than ever, but it is the big corporations that get their way in Washington,” Warren said in a statement. “I want to change that. I will work my heart out to earn the trust of the people of Massachusetts.”
Elizabeth Warren, center, Special Asst. to the Treasury Secretary on the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, speaks during a photo opportunity on the occasion of the anniversary of the Dodd-Frank Bill as Rep. John Garamendi, D-Calif. , left, House Minority...

Search "Elizabeth Warren" - She sure knows how to use a "Six Gun" without even taking it out of her holster.

This country needs her badly!!!!

Full Moon - as a technical indicator

Up to 60% of the human body is water, the brain is composed of 70% water, and the lungs are nearly 90% water. Lean muscle tissue contains about 75% water by weight, as is the brain; body fat contains 10% water and bone has 22% water. About 83% of our blood is water, which helps digest our food, transport waste, and control body temperature. Each day humans must replace 2.4 litres of water, some through drinking and the rest taken by the body from the foods eaten.

Human knowledge and mythology throughout time have spoken of the moon's effect on the earth and the human body. The moon's gravitational pull dictates the action of the ocean's tides. A woman's menstrual cycle runs in parallel to the cycle of the moon. Some believe the moon affects the emotions—for example, the full moon stimulates aggressive behavior.

In addition, the moon can affect the water contained in the human body. The human body is 60% water. When the moon reaches its full phase and new phase, its gravitational pull combines with the sun for the greatest gravitational effect. This period of increased effect lasts about 24 hours.

I have some favorite technical patterns that work more than they don't.  As a trader, A good technical pattern has to work more than 60% of the time.
The Following are my considerations:
#1 Support and Resistance as calculated by acceptable and proven techniques.
#2 Bearish Engulfing Pattern
#3 The Full Moon (representing change) and the New Moon (representing strength of direction)
#4 The Three Bar Bottom/and inversely Three Bar Top 

These are my favorite indicators and I feel they are correct more than 60% of the time.  The Full Moon effect includes 3 to 4 days before and after - likewise the same for the New Moon.

Saturday, September 10, 2011

What's happening today in Boise

Boise, ID : City fromt the Train Depot
It's about 90 Degrees here in Boise, with Full Sunshine - Unlike the rest of the country, except Texas, It hasn't rained since who can remember when Unlike Texas, we have water all around and still snow melting in the mountains keeping the lakes and streams alive and well.

There is a big "Art in the Park" event going on in one of the many parks. I rode my bike with Jack tagging along - through the event... lots of trinkets and Art... lots of people... lots of Food (that's not good for you) and so It goes.

This is a barren BSU football weekend - so all are out scooting around.  Most everything going on in Boise is either on the River, or near the River - The River Runs Through It!

Boise is a very social town with Restaurants, Bars, Outdoor events... a walking and bicycling town.  It is as busy after midnight as it is during the early evening...

What has become obvious... In the Hen House

Watching Hens and Roosters can give you the feeling of our society.  All day long the hens and the roosters pick at each other... the minute one starts to bleed they get pecked at more.  While they are not doing the pecking and eating - the roosters are strutting - trouncing on any hen, Holding her by the scruff of the neck...  and giving it to her quickly.. he gets off - Shakes his feathers - she gets up - shakes her feathers - and the entire hen house is moving on and about each other... the roosters get laid 10 to 15 times in the morning... and strut around in between. Nothing has changed in a hen house over the 40+ years I have been watching them.  Every so often a hen is dragged out of the house as she became worn down by all the pecking and bleeding. When a new chicken is introduced into the Hen House they have a hard time matriculating.. So, the easiest way is to let them all get old... send them to Campbell Soup and get a new young flock in... and let the cycle begin once again... Oh..The Eggs? Eggs are once again becoming popular as all of the "Myths" of "bad for you" have disappeared...and "Organic Eggs" derived from feed that is natural, without all the chemicals - yes Organic Eggs are one of the great sources of Protein and positive cholesterol today.  Over the past 50 years many egg farmers went out of business by "bad words" expressed upon the egg industry... many, many went broke, committed suicide - etc.


Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Opportunity is often masked in a beginning - The Markets

Yesterday, the day after Labor Day, The Markets were poised to crash.  Patience and staying centered allowed me to enter great positions near a "Turn around" point - sometimes called support.
This Morning - in the pre-market - I can see the positions I entered yesterday will allow me much excitement when the markets open.  A very exciting moment - will it last?  We can only count on the moment!

If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine. It is lethal...

Living without design.... a road less traveled .... a risk without a security net... living at the moment.... after all failure is overrated and under achieved.

I'm planning on going back on the road for a few weeks... I miss it... the uncertainty of each day... luck provided by optimism... The reward... One cold beer at the end of the day... just one.... and maybe some leaf....

I am currently torn between the idea of living alone in the world, free to lead the life that I see fit, and the idea of sharing my life and path with someone else. This question will continue to come up in my life, and will be especially nagging during periods when I am not pursuing a creative activity. Interesting connection, don't you think?  

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Let's face It

1. 15% of our employable population is not fit for the kind of employment they want.
2. The economy is doing fine in the areas that are Healthy going forward.
3. Enormous ill-gotten funds taken by Wall Street, Banks, Politicians, Drug Companies, War Machine companies, Tobacco Co.s and Big Oil have to be diffused.  When the punishment equals the crime - most of our economic problems on a macro level will disappear. 
4. Considering the theft of a Trillion$ + in #3 above, medical care for all, Better Schools, totally improved infrastructure together amounts to less.
5. George W. Bush set this country back 20 years - Obama is only in the 3rd year of recovery.
6. Religious affiliations are coveted by greedy people - it's a form of "Cover"
7. If you are missing something in your life - who is to blame?
8. Every area in our lives needs a "Level Playing Field" The folks in #3 above - need to be leveled.

What most don't see, this country is going forward...even if it has to drag the folks complaining about being left behind, not getting their fair share, etc. Whatever...
#3 above?  They need to be double taxed, and when found guilty of excessive "taking" 1/2 of their entire wealth should be confiscated as a tax..
Corporations are not people, they cannot vote, they cannot go to Jail - mostly they can feed politicians enormous funds without it being traced.