Saturday, September 10, 2011

What's happening today in Boise

Boise, ID : City fromt the Train Depot
It's about 90 Degrees here in Boise, with Full Sunshine - Unlike the rest of the country, except Texas, It hasn't rained since who can remember when Unlike Texas, we have water all around and still snow melting in the mountains keeping the lakes and streams alive and well.

There is a big "Art in the Park" event going on in one of the many parks. I rode my bike with Jack tagging along - through the event... lots of trinkets and Art... lots of people... lots of Food (that's not good for you) and so It goes.

This is a barren BSU football weekend - so all are out scooting around.  Most everything going on in Boise is either on the River, or near the River - The River Runs Through It!

Boise is a very social town with Restaurants, Bars, Outdoor events... a walking and bicycling town.  It is as busy after midnight as it is during the early evening...

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