Saturday, September 24, 2011

Republican Operatives Start the Rumor by asking a question: "Will Obama Seek Reelection"

And then answering with the reasons - and finalizing their answers - being President Should be Fun - Have you seen pictures of Michelle Obama - Does She look Happy?

The Republican Operatives - relate that the Democrats are placing distance between them and the President. All of the minorities are disenchanted, except African Americans... blah, blah, blah.

This is a country that Dishonesty, theft, greed, and spin control national thinking - sad for sure....

My mother always said, in questioning "Why, under observation - is what's happening ... is happening?" - her answer - "Everyone gets what they deserve!" Sway, ignorance, prejudice, Big Money, etc - RULE!

Rumor started by Dick Morris - Republican Operative:

"As bad news piles up for the Democrats, I asked a top Democratic strategist if it were possible that President Obama might “pull a Lyndon Johnson” and soberly face the cameras, telling America that he has decided that the demands of partisan politics are interfering with his efforts to right our economy and that he has decided to withdraw to devote full time to our recovery. His answer: “Yes. It’s possible. If things continue as they are and have not turned around by January, it is certainly possible.”
Remainder of writeup:

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