Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Let's face It

1. 15% of our employable population is not fit for the kind of employment they want.
2. The economy is doing fine in the areas that are Healthy going forward.
3. Enormous ill-gotten funds taken by Wall Street, Banks, Politicians, Drug Companies, War Machine companies, Tobacco Co.s and Big Oil have to be diffused.  When the punishment equals the crime - most of our economic problems on a macro level will disappear. 
4. Considering the theft of a Trillion$ + in #3 above, medical care for all, Better Schools, totally improved infrastructure together amounts to less.
5. George W. Bush set this country back 20 years - Obama is only in the 3rd year of recovery.
6. Religious affiliations are coveted by greedy people - it's a form of "Cover"
7. If you are missing something in your life - who is to blame?
8. Every area in our lives needs a "Level Playing Field" The folks in #3 above - need to be leveled.

What most don't see, this country is going forward...even if it has to drag the folks complaining about being left behind, not getting their fair share, etc. Whatever...
#3 above?  They need to be double taxed, and when found guilty of excessive "taking" 1/2 of their entire wealth should be confiscated as a tax..
Corporations are not people, they cannot vote, they cannot go to Jail - mostly they can feed politicians enormous funds without it being traced.

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