Saturday, September 10, 2011

What has become obvious... In the Hen House

Watching Hens and Roosters can give you the feeling of our society.  All day long the hens and the roosters pick at each other... the minute one starts to bleed they get pecked at more.  While they are not doing the pecking and eating - the roosters are strutting - trouncing on any hen, Holding her by the scruff of the neck...  and giving it to her quickly.. he gets off - Shakes his feathers - she gets up - shakes her feathers - and the entire hen house is moving on and about each other... the roosters get laid 10 to 15 times in the morning... and strut around in between. Nothing has changed in a hen house over the 40+ years I have been watching them.  Every so often a hen is dragged out of the house as she became worn down by all the pecking and bleeding. When a new chicken is introduced into the Hen House they have a hard time matriculating.. So, the easiest way is to let them all get old... send them to Campbell Soup and get a new young flock in... and let the cycle begin once again... Oh..The Eggs? Eggs are once again becoming popular as all of the "Myths" of "bad for you" have disappeared...and "Organic Eggs" derived from feed that is natural, without all the chemicals - yes Organic Eggs are one of the great sources of Protein and positive cholesterol today.  Over the past 50 years many egg farmers went out of business by "bad words" expressed upon the egg industry... many, many went broke, committed suicide - etc.


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