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Chocolate "The New Aspirin of the 21st Century" and better. 1/2 oz. Twice a day, of 70% cacao, semi or bittersweet - Dark Chocolate

Guayas Dark Chocolate

70% Cacao Semi or semi-sweet.
"OK, not milk chocolate, not more than 1oz per day (too many calories) It is packed with Flavonoids, plant-based chemicals that are PRO at ANTI almost everything: anti viral, anti-allergic, anti platelet, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and anti-Alzheimer's. Chocolate revs up power stations called mitochondra in every cell in your body making your muscles stronger and increasing your endurance. It is also adept at affecting cell-signaling pathways that regulate growth proliferation and death of cells. Cuts the risk of Heart Disease by 37%, diabetes by 31% and stroke 29% - How sweet it is!"  Dr. Oz And Dr. Roizen - "Health Tip of The Day"

N/B 1oz of This kind of Chocolate has between 150 - 200 calories - 1 Less  glass of Red Wine (which equals 4 glasses to the 750ml Bottle.) Stop at 2 glasses instead of the 3rd glass.

Trader Joe's boasts a 100 Calorie 70% Bar Cacao dark chocolate. - if you need the 3rd Glass. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

photoshop, but organically?

Not in my lifetime - But human organs are being reproduced in Petri dishes, as I write... so if we take the formula and move it forward exponentially - and of course, increase the size of a Petri dish we could "Grow one of these!"  Of course, there is the "dealing with" how we instill the proper personality, disposition, happiness factor - and there we could possibly do a genetic transfer  from a person who was honored as miss congeniality. I'm not saying this has to be gender specific... can you imagine, once again, we all could grow our own (male or female) - something to think about nearing the 22nd century. The proof in the pudding... let's say a male and female produced this way had children together.... what do you guess?

Cherry 2000 - Melanie Griffith -possibly a movie to watch

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Esperanza's Wardrobe by John Michael - a story that could only happen in New York!

Lily and John Michael are very Happy with JM's clothing designs and of course JM is behind the sewing machine!

A time to remember..... Happy Birthday Lily!!!

Esperanza Spalding

Congrats!! JM!

"ARTISTS & REVOLUTIONARIES , Today we sell all day Artists & Fleas, tons of new Items! At 6pm we do a eco fashion show for 400 hundred people- then at 8 we go watch Esperanza Spaldingpreform wearing OUR DRESS! and meet her back stage! BUSY DAY!" - John Michael 

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Astrology - like the lottery - if you don't play you can't win - LEO

The new moon April 21 will mark the start of your extraordinary run of career luck within the weeks that follow. The actions you take in the ten days after its appearance will have unusual power and might. You can now aim to land a stunning victory, larger than any you have seen over the past DECADE. To unlock its good fortune, it will be critical that you launch a carefully crafted career campaign in the days following that new moon. Your actions have weight, and you can garner great respect and admiration for your work now. Get started thinking about this rare period the minute April dawns.
You will soon find yourself in a period of enormous professional reward, and you will realize your lucky breaks only if you get involved and show the strength of your determination to rise through the ranks. This time, there's no limited to how high you can go. It is time to demand your due. Let nothing hold you back from claiming your rightful power in your chosen field. Strike while Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, is at your side in your tenth house of fame and honors (from now to June 11) and after the new moon appears, April 21.
You may or may not see your professional prize instantly, but what matters is that you take steps quickly after the new moon April 21 appears. Jupiter will be at your side, shining like a beacon at the very top of your chart until June 11. After that, you will need to wait twelve years for luck this strong. While you will, of course, have opportunity to advance in the coming decade after June 11, it won't be as fast, as stunning, or as easy. You see the reason for the urgency.
Monday, April 23, is sure to have your name written all over it, as you'll also have the Sun, your ruler, and Mars working together to make sure you do well professionally.


my friend Chad Thompson's FB Picture - you would never know - he is a calm mild mannered man of IT

GOOGLE - Founder's scheme to ......."Take the money"

Google has proposed a stock split 2 for 1 - doubling everyone's shares and reducing the price accordingly. There is one stipulation, however, after your split... 1/2 of your shares will have their original voting rights - the other 1/2 will have no voting rights.

Sergey Brin and his partner Larry Page, started and developed the Google empire and are the controlling shareholders (directly and indirectly.)

This proposed stock split will allow them to dispose up to all of the "new split shares" without giving up control of the company. (actually a good personal wealth planning device - to diversify their assets into other holdings.)

At this date Google is selling at $600+ per share. Their availability to dispose up to 1/2 their holdings in Google without giving up control could have a damaging effect on the stock price

So let's say the stock splits to a value of $300 per share (doubling ever shareholder's quantity of shares) If the plan is that Sergey and Larry start disposing the non-voting half of their holdings - it is my opinion that the value of the stock would be $250 - with their sales as some damage to the value and an increase in purchase by others because lower value might create an increase in purchases. Will there be "two values?" Class A and Class B Stock? Traded at different Values? Class B traded at a discount to Class A?

Good, Bad or Evil - What you say?

Sergey has taken the role of the "Bad Guy" at Google. Larry has taken the role as "Good Guy" - these roles are perception of others and actions by the leading characters.

The future of the stock price will be a leading consideration by people who deal in (derivatives) Stock Options with Spreads and long dates.

You might ask, How did I determine the discount from $300 to $250 - My answer is very simple - it is not logarithmic, Scientific, or Algebraic - it is from my own gut - which has kept me alive for 70 years.

(below is a digital image of my gut's process)

(Eculid, 300BC - Greek Mathematician - The Father of Geometry - although "algorithm" is a 21st century overused term - specific current algorithms are patentable - now you know why there are so many court cases on patents - do you think judges really understand this stuff? )

Full disclosure: Sergey and I share the same birthday August 21st - possibly we think the same on some levels - we also share a similar heritage
What does that mean.... I'll ask Susan, my Astrologer and Sofia, my shrink - and get back to you.

Born Sergey Mikhaylovich Brin
Russian: Серге́й Миха́йлович Брин
August 21, 1973 (age 38)
Moscow, RSFSR, Soviet Union
Residence Los Altos, California, U.S.
Nationality American
Ethnicity Russian
Alma mater University of Maryland (B.S. 1993)
Stanford University (M.S. 1995)
Occupation Computer scientist, Internet entrepreneur
Known for Co-founder of Google
Salary $1[1]
Net worth US$ 18.7 billion (2012)[1]
Religion Jewish
Spouse Anne Wojcicki[2]
Children 2

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Position in INTEL

All the PC makers will be coming out with next generation equipment as a result of Windows 8 - coming soon - and touted as their best effort to "mark-the-market" Apple is also coming out with a new operating system called "Mountain Lion" which will bring on an upgraded array of computers.
In this "2nd Coming," if you will, of the latest new technology - Intel has developed a new chip (still called i3/i5/i7) - "Intel, whose processors are used by most Windows PC makers and by Apple, is on the verge of introducing a new family of chips, called "Ivy Bridge," which the chip maker claims will offer much faster graphics performance without sacrificing battery life. While some "Ivy Bridge" laptops will be available very soon, the new chips won’t show up in large numbers of consumer laptops until around June." - Walt Mossberg

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

4 Weeks ago, I suffered a Trading Loss that stopped me in my tracks!

This morning I covered my first trade, 4 weeks later,  in a successful rebound after considering all my short comings, insecurities and everything else that is negative in moving forward.  The Weather will be changing at the end of this week to the low 80's allowing the full force of a "Spring" forward!

 Taking a "Pause," rather than fighting obstacles, seems to be the remedy of overall success.

There are other signs in my life that signal a consolidation of positive changes are in process.

The secret to dealing with negative situations is causing the change to a + as quickly as possible. The "Pause" hurries the change.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Meryl Streep

after you start - between "cc" and "youtube" hit quality (circle square) for best quality then expand to full page

The Future of America is brighter then most Think!

The Future of America is coming. It is not being driven by Goldman Sachs or the GOP or Obama. That’s old school, the old order, yesterday. It’s coming, and coming sooner than most people imagine.

When you get run over, don’t say you weren’t warned . . .

The rest of the article (excellent!!!)
From Barry Ritholtz - 

Sunday, April 15, 2012


NO. I specifically said to him, “If you go for an MBA I’m going to hunt you down and kill you”
- why take 2 years off from this exciting and fast moving job market.
- 2 years is like 20 Internet generations
- why get $100k in debt? (the world of tutions is a LOT different than even ten years ago)
- A “Marketing” class in a business school is taught by a guy who got his PhD 10 years ago. Real marketing is done by people who are using marketing tools invented yesterday
- “Investing” is only learned by experience
- “Management” is learned by leading people and failing the first few times.
- “Sales” is learned by having the passion to sell something you love.
- There’s no such thing as “business”. There’s such a thing as making people’s lives better. Figure out how to do that and you won’t need business school.
- A school is a business. An MBA was just another way to create a skew. It turned out to be a “screw” but most people don’t learn that until it’s in the wrong hole. - "
-Altucher Confidential, James Altucher -

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Leaving on a Jet Plane, Don't know when I'll be back again

Boarding a Jet Plane in a few hours - back to Boise after a whirlwind visit to NYC and Star Route Farm NY, home farm, in Charlotteville, New York