Sunday, April 22, 2012

photoshop, but organically?

Not in my lifetime - But human organs are being reproduced in Petri dishes, as I write... so if we take the formula and move it forward exponentially - and of course, increase the size of a Petri dish we could "Grow one of these!"  Of course, there is the "dealing with" how we instill the proper personality, disposition, happiness factor - and there we could possibly do a genetic transfer  from a person who was honored as miss congeniality. I'm not saying this has to be gender specific... can you imagine, once again, we all could grow our own (male or female) - something to think about nearing the 22nd century. The proof in the pudding... let's say a male and female produced this way had children together.... what do you guess?

Cherry 2000 - Melanie Griffith -possibly a movie to watch

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