Thursday, April 19, 2012

Astrology - like the lottery - if you don't play you can't win - LEO

The new moon April 21 will mark the start of your extraordinary run of career luck within the weeks that follow. The actions you take in the ten days after its appearance will have unusual power and might. You can now aim to land a stunning victory, larger than any you have seen over the past DECADE. To unlock its good fortune, it will be critical that you launch a carefully crafted career campaign in the days following that new moon. Your actions have weight, and you can garner great respect and admiration for your work now. Get started thinking about this rare period the minute April dawns.
You will soon find yourself in a period of enormous professional reward, and you will realize your lucky breaks only if you get involved and show the strength of your determination to rise through the ranks. This time, there's no limited to how high you can go. It is time to demand your due. Let nothing hold you back from claiming your rightful power in your chosen field. Strike while Jupiter, the giver of gifts and luck, is at your side in your tenth house of fame and honors (from now to June 11) and after the new moon appears, April 21.
You may or may not see your professional prize instantly, but what matters is that you take steps quickly after the new moon April 21 appears. Jupiter will be at your side, shining like a beacon at the very top of your chart until June 11. After that, you will need to wait twelve years for luck this strong. While you will, of course, have opportunity to advance in the coming decade after June 11, it won't be as fast, as stunning, or as easy. You see the reason for the urgency.
Monday, April 23, is sure to have your name written all over it, as you'll also have the Sun, your ruler, and Mars working together to make sure you do well professionally.


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