Monday, April 23, 2012

Chocolate "The New Aspirin of the 21st Century" and better. 1/2 oz. Twice a day, of 70% cacao, semi or bittersweet - Dark Chocolate

Guayas Dark Chocolate

70% Cacao Semi or semi-sweet.
"OK, not milk chocolate, not more than 1oz per day (too many calories) It is packed with Flavonoids, plant-based chemicals that are PRO at ANTI almost everything: anti viral, anti-allergic, anti platelet, anti-inflammatory, anti-tumor and anti-Alzheimer's. Chocolate revs up power stations called mitochondra in every cell in your body making your muscles stronger and increasing your endurance. It is also adept at affecting cell-signaling pathways that regulate growth proliferation and death of cells. Cuts the risk of Heart Disease by 37%, diabetes by 31% and stroke 29% - How sweet it is!"  Dr. Oz And Dr. Roizen - "Health Tip of The Day"

N/B 1oz of This kind of Chocolate has between 150 - 200 calories - 1 Less  glass of Red Wine (which equals 4 glasses to the 750ml Bottle.) Stop at 2 glasses instead of the 3rd glass.

Trader Joe's boasts a 100 Calorie 70% Bar Cacao dark chocolate. - if you need the 3rd Glass. 

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