Wednesday, April 18, 2012

New Position in INTEL

All the PC makers will be coming out with next generation equipment as a result of Windows 8 - coming soon - and touted as their best effort to "mark-the-market" Apple is also coming out with a new operating system called "Mountain Lion" which will bring on an upgraded array of computers.
In this "2nd Coming," if you will, of the latest new technology - Intel has developed a new chip (still called i3/i5/i7) - "Intel, whose processors are used by most Windows PC makers and by Apple, is on the verge of introducing a new family of chips, called "Ivy Bridge," which the chip maker claims will offer much faster graphics performance without sacrificing battery life. While some "Ivy Bridge" laptops will be available very soon, the new chips won’t show up in large numbers of consumer laptops until around June." - Walt Mossberg

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