Sunday, April 15, 2012


NO. I specifically said to him, “If you go for an MBA I’m going to hunt you down and kill you”
- why take 2 years off from this exciting and fast moving job market.
- 2 years is like 20 Internet generations
- why get $100k in debt? (the world of tutions is a LOT different than even ten years ago)
- A “Marketing” class in a business school is taught by a guy who got his PhD 10 years ago. Real marketing is done by people who are using marketing tools invented yesterday
- “Investing” is only learned by experience
- “Management” is learned by leading people and failing the first few times.
- “Sales” is learned by having the passion to sell something you love.
- There’s no such thing as “business”. There’s such a thing as making people’s lives better. Figure out how to do that and you won’t need business school.
- A school is a business. An MBA was just another way to create a skew. It turned out to be a “screw” but most people don’t learn that until it’s in the wrong hole. - "
-Altucher Confidential, James Altucher -

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