Thursday, October 10, 2013

I have been reminded, by several friends, that Summer is Over

To that end... The Republican Party is still with us... they are pretending "The Major Accident..." didn't happen.  I am in NYC returning to Boise after the Monday holiday.
I spent a long weekend at the family farm: A quick look at the farm pages relate pictures of what is being done and where I spent 25 years living and working as a CPA in a nearby town.

More to come... weekly posts to start until I get "Rev'd up" and disturbed by  the ignorance and arrogance of self perceived important people, the politically correct and "Outright Assholes" that cling to "good people" and bring our brains down - so we can defend and deal with outside necessities!

Remember, the good in people requires "leaving more on the table, than taking for your own needs!"  "Paying it forward" is always a good feeling.......!

The new addition to my Family since I last wrote: "Shorty" a McNab Border Collie - shorter hair... taller dog... herding dog developed to work larger livestock. Pictured at 6 mos old.

Jackpot - almost 6 year old Border Collie - wild dog mix been with me for 5 1/2 years

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