Monday, December 28, 2009

Amazing - How Quickly the "Economic Weather" will change when the holiday season ends this year.

There appears to be an unsettling atmosphere of optimism in the Securities Markets.  Who believes them?
They say (?) real estate has bottomed - By looking at the advertising here in the Phoenix area - you would think Real Estate is a great investment - the advertising prices look like they never fell - too much deception. In commercial real estate, lots of dead bodies - LOTS! - It will be interesting how many commercial business stayed alive thru the holidays - but the future, without stimulus, looks very cloudy - The Automobile Industry seems to have run into another drought.  Good time to buy a new car - if you care.   I came out today to gather some acorns and I'm ready to come out on sunny days - and stay near my "hollow." My mind is already wandering toward spring and my plans for Mountain Rivers and Streams - cool summer weather at altitude - keeping my tan and working up my exercise and down my appetite.  Happy New Year - I know mine will be!

There is always the challenge of being an older person.  We, as a group, are not even considered - on the other hand - we generally, most of us, will not be suffering - what is at hand for those who are counted.

El Viejo

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