Friday, December 25, 2009

4am Christmas Morning - The Economy - The People - GBA

"My Motto: I like to have everything so perfect,
I can take it for granted!" - Charlie Brown

Tomorrow - the rest of everything that did not sell before xmas will be going on sale at 5AM - so what is left - All of the Hype - all of the hope - take a look down the road - Xmas to the First Day of Spring....the economy will have to be propped up by various stimulus plans to keep all of the crippled sectors from falling out of site.

Mercy, Mercy, Mercy... there is a health feature to the final cleansing that is necessary for all of us to once again move into a normal thriving economy - we should see this in the next 3 months...and it will be a slow birth out of the dreads of all those who fell and may not recover until 2012. We are just finishing a Decade of the worst economic and international social happenings in the past 80 years.

As a trader, I am slowly moving my trades into "short" derivatives, a way to profit from adversity. Millions of traders are awaiting this change...when?  When It's ready and not a moment sooner.  As always Patience is the key - and patience begins when patience runs out...

We will eventually have a new class of people in America - the permanently unemployed - about 10% of the workforce

So, thank god Charlie Brown and I have the same philosophy - God Bless America - and everyone else too!

PS. There was a reason that our forefathers insisted on "Separation of Church and State." In this Decade, now approaching its end in 6 days - Our Country was Run by a Mental Infant - controlled by a religious group 100 million strong.  George Bush Sr. didn't like Broccoli (as we know is one of the richest nutrients in the vegetable category.) This void in his own nutrition had genetic consequences in the passing of attributes to George W.  We have all suffered - the world suffered - Eat Your Broccoli!!!! Pray to God and hope that those who feel theirs is the only way to god - perish to Hell forever...of course both Charlie Brown and I do not recognize the concept of "Hell" as being anything - so heaven it is for us - and maybe you.....

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Everything is always perfect!