Tuesday, December 29, 2009

2010 International CES, January 7-10...Should be mindblowing!

Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) is where all of the companies with new products in the Information Technology (IT)
industry come to "The Disneyland of the Adult World" Las Vegas - to show off their new products - which will turn into Both Business and Consumer's most wanted and needed products of the "near" future.  

Such things are on Dock - Announcements Galore:

Downloading PDF documents and having them converted into speech - for listening rather than reading - and step 2 - converted to read at a faster pace if desired.

Attempts by other companies to simulate (what Apple will finally produce) The Touch Tablet - combo Laptop/web book... book reader and probably other than providing "pyhsical" sexual satisfaction - another type of satisfaction most desired. At the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas next week, at least a half dozen companies will unveil new e-reading devices, including Plastic Logic Ltd., Hearst Corp.’s Skiff, Spring Design Inc. and Entourage Systems Inc.

Product Categories:

Audio Hardware & Software
Blank Media
Bluetooth Technology
Broadband Technology
Car Audio
Computer Hardware & Software
Content Distribution
Content Production
Digital Car
Digital Hollywood
Global Positioning Systems
Handheld Information Devices
High-performance Audio & Home Theater
Home Appliances
Home/Personal Healthcare
Digital TV/HDTV
Electronic Gaming

Once the CES begins - two providers will be offering live Information: (search)

Automation Home Security
Home Theater & Custom Installation
Internet Applications & Services
In-Vehicle Technology
MP3/Internet Audio
Personal Electronics
Photography/Digital Imaging
Retail Resources
Satellite Systems
Small Office/Home Office
Speech Technology
Telematics & Vehicle Navigation
Telephony Equipment
Video Hardware & Software
Wi-Fi Technology
Wireless/Mobile Communications

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