Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Internet Rule #1

"On the Internet, the public comes first, people count. Be duplicitous, be less than honest, and your audience will disappear. Look at Netflix… All its reasons for changing fees had to do with the company’s bottom line, it didn’t make sense for the customer, which is why there’s been a backlash that has permanently hobbled the company. Netflix used to be cool, now it’s just another outlet that streams content."* -  Bob Lefsetz "The Pandora letter"

Who leads, who follows and who is a "Was" is coming down the road. No matter how big Apple, Facebook, Google - the public decides who leads and who follows - on the Internet. Mistakes like the Google Map controversy, have yet to yield a "public response" (in voting with their money.) Apple is a powerful market Leader - who is also scared to death of the Google/Samsung consortium and others who are quickly coming down the road with enormous financial support.  The internet is "free" once you bring a product to the internet...it belongs to the people... a lesson that might be hard earned by some of these "Biggies." 

Yes, the Internet is "freedom" like no other.  

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