Friday, October 12, 2012

Ego - is much "more" than "Self Importance" and what it is, "the more," is wrapped in "insecurity"

The ego, or ego process, is responsible for creating and reinforcing division and separation. Traditionally, people think about it in the context of being superior: "I am better than you." "My beliefs are correct. Your beliefs are wrong." "My way is the right way. My opinion is the correct one." Being a victim, however, is another equally powerful tool of the ego process. It creates division and separation just as adequately as being superior: "You did that to me." "I am not as lucky as him/her." "Life has treated me unfairly." "You didn't let me do that. You kept me from succeeding." Be aware of the different entry points of the ego process. It can come in through thoughts of being superior, and it can come in through thoughts of being a victim. Either way, it propagates emotions of judgment, resentment, anger, jealousy, anxiety, etc., and serves to promote a sense of "me against you", "us against them". - from Tad
 So, Let's look at a person with a big Ego (which includes a equal proportion of Insecurity) add to it "Hubris" and "Smugness" add it all up - Ego/Insecurity/Hubris/Smug - not someone you want to be with. Generally, they become "plastic" and need to be around "plastic people," With an equal proportion personal delusion.  

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