Thursday, January 14, 2010

This Morning's Breakfast

1 Slice of very heavy grainy, nutty, seedy dark bread - lightly toasted
2 Table Spoons of Hummus
2 Eggs fried over more than easy and black peppered
1 Salmon Burger - grilled (packaged from freezer at Costco)
N/B - don't salt anything

place Hummus on Bread
place fried eggs on that
place Salmon Burger on Egg

eat w/ black coffee (my current favorite Pikes Place - Starbucks)

500 Calories, full day's protein, enormous satisfaction - holds til late lunch - suggested snack before or after a romantic dalliance - just an after thought. (you can cut your calories by 20, by ordering an egg mcmuffin with saussage - which also cuts the volume -number of grams (of pleasure) by 1/2)

1 comment:

lilyecho said...

This might be my favorite blogpost yet...

Keep it up dad and we'll publish a cookbook...

Next time take a photo!

Miss you.