Monday, December 6, 2010

I am looking at a New Puppy

 a quote from the Book - "My Dog Tulip" which is an animated movie opening at "The Flicks" this week

“She offered me what I had never found in my life with humans: constant, single-hearted, incorruptible, uncritical devotion, which it is in the nature of dogs to offer.”

I hope someone will have taken this beauty - as, and if I am called by these "Craigs List" folks
I'll be in my truck without delay - of course and probably he has been taken... very cute!!!!

image 2097210675-1image 2097210675-3

"Adorable PUPPY Approx. 10 weeks old with wonderful personality tries to herd little children - so you might not be interested in him if you have small children. He also nips at their heels - a Boarder Collie trait. He is 1/2 miniature Aussie and 1/2 Border Collie. We'll need a re-homing fee of $20 and he'll need shots and to be altered"
I was called by the owners of the puppy - and I recovered from "infatuation" to ....I'm happy with Jackpot
and I'm happy with the amount of time his exercise and care I provide - and the love he provides me - More is not better - more is just more - The more I learn to be patient - the more reality takes over as common sense. 

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Sandra said...

Hi There.
Your blog appeared on My Google Alerts for "My Dog Tulip" and took a chance to write you to see if you got to adopt that handsome pup and if you had a chance to see our movie.
I do not normally stick my arm out to strangers, but I do not know anyone in Boise talking about Tulip,except you.
I hear the weather is horrific there and if you dare to go out to the movies, I hope you will enjoy the film.
That's all....just curious.
Sandra Fierlinger