Friday, December 31, 2010

Young Men Today should "Pay it Forward" to their Partners

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Young men today are looking for a way to express themselves in Sexual Prowess. Some are taking Pistol Permit License classes - (aka Concealed Weapon Permit) Some are buying drugs that "Guarantee" an additional "up to 4 Inch Growth" In the mean time - Groupon is offering - For Women

$35 for Five Pole-Dancing Lessons ($70 Value) or $20 for Five Chair-Dancing Lessons ($40 Value) at Ophidia Studio

See Today's Groupon Deal
Company Information:
Ophidia Studio
4464 Chinden Blvd.
Suite A
Garden City, Idaho 83714
Right here in Boise

If I had a Partner (woman) rather than worrying about My concerns with How I'm perceived in Size and strength - I would spend my money on my partner's new exercise methods.
Remember: Pay it foreword - The benefits are guaranteed to be better for both you and your partner........>

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