Sunday, December 19, 2010

Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse December 21 and Black Swan, a classic Drama

lunar eclipse
I have consulted my astrologer and find - times will be quick and anxious for everyone of every Sign. As a Leo born on August 21st, she also relates "Those Leos born on or within four days of August 22 will find a way to clearly benefit from what comes up, even if initially all you feel is tension." And Finally, (more to come - got to go - I'm late - "The Flicks" to see a movie......)
WOW! Black Swan a wonderful classic Drama. One of the best movies I have seen in several years. Excellent!  Will everyone feel this after seeing the movie? I doubt it! Natalie Portman, excellent - nominated for 4 Golden Globe Awards - certainly worthy!  It's about Perfection... Women... Ballet... and the depth (darkness) of humanity.  Natalie Portman - an actress to note!  After returning from the movie - I feel this Full Moon/Lunar Eclipse will have a cleansing effect on my life - Welcome, the end of a most troubled Decade... 

Just After Midnight on December 20th Mtn Std. Time USA
Solstice Lunar Eclipse (map, 550px)

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