Sunday, December 26, 2010

A new Decade - and it is my responsibility to help the Economy Recover

Within the next week and before January 1st. I am celebrating the next Decade by:

1. Leaving Verizon after 25 years for finally screwing me to the wall with their Storm 1 PDA and lying to me about their broadband service speed while I was in Arizona last winter. I am moving to Sprint this coming week - the only tested 4G that works and a new Android Epic 4G samsung or the EVO by HTC (have not finished reviewing) and the new Broadband card for computer 4G service. Fuck verizon, and fuck Blackberry for binding me into a contract $$$ for equipment that was never ready for prime time - out of fear from Apple

2. I am replacing one of my Laptops with a Lenovo 23inch TV/Intel I5 dual core windows 7 computer (all in one) This will be one of the latest and fastest computers on the market - running at Sprint 4G speed with a 23inch HD TV tuner - All in one - wireless everything except for one cord to the power outlet in my home.

That's it - and in several weeks I'll be dreading setting up all of this equipment - except that the Sprint Store is one block away from my home and I purchased a contract with Lenovo that allows Lenovo to connect directly to my computer (for the next 12 months) - and while I'm on my phone to them - they can change/correct any and all setup problems that I will have.

These two Items are my last two Hanukkah and xmas gifts to myself - the only dammage I have done to myself has been to my bank accounts... the last thing my shrink said to me several years ago "whatever you do, don't worry about money - money takes care of itself as long as you are a responsible person" - God Bless Her!

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