Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Did Arizona Shoot Itself in the Foot? ... Fuck Arizona!

Did I day that?  Well, I wanted to get my last nasties out before I come clean for this next Decade!
...in 2008 the federal government distributed $866.5 billion in funds to the states based on the census population counts.  Your state gets its share of the federal pie based on the number of people that are counted by the census. ...each person would be worth $2,807 in federal money to your state...  "people" not "citizens."  Arizona Recent pop. 6,392,017 or 276,062 fewer people than what the Census Bureau expected to find. ... Either Arizona's undocumented population did not want to stick around in the state or they did not think it was wise to fill out a government form -- even if their confidentiality is strictly guarded by the U.S. Census Bureau. If the shortfall was due to the latter, then at $2,708 a person, Arizona lost out on $775 million in federal grants per year 3/4's of a Billion Dollars (again per year in federal grants!)
condensed from: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/michael-p-mcdonald/did-arizona-shoot-itself_b_801704.html

If Arizona were a business - they would be in Bankruptcy Court as I write this. Arizona has become the Pariah of our country. Interesting to note that other states are considering what Arizona has done.  Their color will turn from Red to Black - bring it on!

Red States, Religious Right, "real white folks"... and finally, Creationists - go fuck yourselves, your neighbors and the states you live in!

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